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Jennifer Lopez at the Los Angeles Free Clinic Dinner Gala Honoring Brad Grey and Paula Patton at the Deja Vu movie premiere in NYC last night. We must ask, WHO LOOKED MORE BANGIN?

“Blue-eyed soul” singer Robin Thicke may be slippin letting his girl fly solo to “everything”. Denzel who was rumored to have had a fling with Sanaa Lathan a while back may have already pushed up on Paula. Here is Paula talking about Denzel’s “genius”:

Paula: You can’t have butterflies at the moment when you work with him. At that moment you have to be just another person or you’ll be eaten alive. It’s when you walk away from working with Denzel that you go [silent scream] ‘I just worked with Denzel Washington!’ You’re in your hotel room and every movie on that weekend is a movie he’s been in. But, I can say working with Denzel is like an actor going to graduate school, for me, it was like that. I learned so much from him. He’s a genius. He taught me that you prepare and prepare and don’t rehearse. You go in and see what organically happens. He would always surprise me.

Here is Paula Patton talking about her new movie Deja Vu with Denzel Washington. When asked about a possible connection between her and Denzel, she seems to try to downplay it making it sound suspect. Denzel is probably hittin that.

If Denzel had to dedicate a song to Robin Thicke, it would probably be Ill Al Scratch with Brian McKnight-I’ll Take Her. That was the cut back in the day.


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