Bandz A Make Them Fail: New Study Claims Parents Spending More On College Will Result In Their Child Having Lower Grades

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New Study Claims Parents Who Spoil Their College Aged Children Contribute To Lower Grades

Did you ever think your below average grades in college were due to your parents spending too much money on you during your 4-year stint? Well, a new study says that just might be the case.

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The more money parents provide their children for college, the lower their children’s college grades will be, according to a new study.

Laura Hamilton, a sociology professor at the University of California (Merced) found that, across all kinds of four-year institutions, greater parental contributions were linked with lower grades.

She said, “It’s a modest effect, not big enough to make the kid flunk out of college, but it was surprising because everybody has always assumed that the more you give, the better your child does.”

She suggested that students who get a blank check from their parents may not take their education as seriously as others because parents didn’t discuss the students’ responsibility for their education.

What say you Bossip fam? Does a parent making it rain on their college student give the impression that school is less of a responsibility?

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