Chit Chatter: Roc Nation Record Exec Says It Was Jay-Z’s Idea For Rih-Rih And Her Breezy-Boo To Do The ‘Nobody’s Business’ Collabo

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Roc Nation Camp Says Jay-Z Was In Favor Of Chris Brown And Rihanna Collaboration

Despite rumors that Roc Nation bossman Jay-Z is completely against his rebelious roster chick Rih-Rih getting back with her ex-boo Chris Breezy, the label says it was Hov himself who thought of the idea for Chris and Rihanna to collaborate for the ‘Nobody’s Business’ track off of her latest album.

Jay-Z’s right hand man Ty Ty, who also works for the label, spilled the beans on how the song really came together, while Rih-Rih told the folks over at Complex magazine to mind their business when asked about the controversial collabo

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“It’s nobody’s business,” she tells Complex magazine about the chatter surrounding them and the track.

When further prodded about the song in the cover story, she responds, “It’s a fun record that The-Dream wrote, and we loved the lyrics. You’re still asking me questions about it, so clearly you don’t know.”

Her label is taking a cue from her playbook on how to address the track. Roc Nation exec Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith notes that while the song wasn’t intended to be a Rihanna/Brown collaboration, in the end, it became one. The scrutiny and gossip surrounding them was not factored into the decision to make it so.

“We don’t focus on the media, so it was never a question. It’s all about the music. Everything else doesn’t even play a part in the studio,” he explains in the magazine, noting that Rihanna’s longtime mentor Jay-Z also signed off on it. “The-Dream didn’t write it for them as a duet. Jay-Z and I were in the car together listening to the song, and we thought it would be a great duet. It sounds dope. It feels good. That’s how Chris ended up on the song.”

Dayyyyyum. Sounds like Rih wasn’t having it this time around with the Breezy questions.

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