Dirty Bolitics: New Anti-Obama NRA Ad Puts Sasha And Malia In The Middle Of The Mess

- By Bossip Staff

Fair game or too far?

New NRA Ad Targets President Obama’s Children

A new ad released by the National Rifle Association in an effort to combat President Obama’s wavering stance against putting armed guards in elementary schools is coming under fire for bringing the President’s children into the debate.

The NRA, who is in favor of placing armed guards in elementary schools as a step towards cracking down on gun control in the wake of the tragic Sandy Hook School shooting, questions President Obama’s reasoning for his stance by pointing out that Sasha and Malia Obama have armed guards in the schools that they presently attend.

The ad also goes on to call President Obama an “elitist hypocrite” after begging the question, “are the President’s kids more important than yours?”

NRA President David Keene recently told ABC News:

“It’s going to be very tough for the president to accomplish some of these things, but that doesn’t mean he can’t do it if he really turns it on.”

“All bets are off when a president really wants to go to war with you,” he said. “We’re gonna be there and we’re gonna fight it.”

“When the question is the protection of children, which is what this is all about… it’s perfectly legitimate to ask why some children should be protected and other children should not be protected,” Keene said, defending the ad.

“We were not talking about the president’s kids. We were talking about an elite class who criticizes others in their desire to be safe while making sure that they and their families and their children are always protected.

Keene criticized Obama’s announcement on Wednesday, surrounded by four children from around the country, for “using kids to advance an ideological agenda.”

Well if this isn’t the pot calling the kettle a hypocrite. David Keene slams President Obama for having children present at his press conference to support his stance on gun control……but then uses Sasha and Malia’s school conditions in the latest ad.


What say you Bossip fam? Is the President being a hypocrite? Or is the NRA reaching with this latest ad since all Presidents’ children are required to have security present at all times?

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