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Posted by Bossip Staff

Damn, here were talking all that sh*t about nothing…SMH @ ourselves. Here’s the real scoop. Your boy T.I. needs to pay his attorneys:

T.I. is headed to court this week after being sued for allegedly stiffing attorneys in his September 2008 custody case. According to the AJC, the Grammy-winning Hip Hop star owes attorneys $8,000 in fees.

The “Live Your Life” star was ordered in September to pay the mother of two of his sons an additional $1,000 a month in support as well as the boys’ private school tuition and other expenses. T.I. is reportedly negotiating child support and custody of his two sons but had yet to pay the bill.The court had requested that T.I. pay the attorney fees in question in November.

With all the other bs has to cope with, the last thing he needs is to get his lawyers on his bad side, seriously.


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  • Diamond


  • https://bossip.com/68766/showdown-in-motown-katt-williams-vs-steve-harvey/#comments me

    Bossip, this is not news, from the pictures you can tell he’s taking care of his children. This is about attorney fees, NOT CHILD SUPPORT. Stop making shit up…

  • Ieshia


  • OK!!

    Well said.

  • pm

    bossip don’t even read its own stories he owes attorneys $8,000 in fees not his babymama.

  • kahmmillion

    He making all them damn kids…he needs to take care of them.

  • HarlemWorld

    Sometimes I have to wonder @ the Bossip staff. In any case, those lawyers be ramping up fees. HE probably just wants to know if that’s the proper amount.

  • Just_Wanna_Know

    Ok, so Bossip why is this titled Dead Beat??? It clearly says he owes his attorneys, not his children’s mother. I guess its to make a more interesting story. Next!


    Dear T.I

    I will write you…and send you flicks…and…I aint sendin’ no doe but I will think of you…

  • http://Bossip Crimson Red

    BOSSIP!!!! Come on Now…Read the story…The story is about him not paying attorney fees not child support…It’s 2009…Let’s try and not put another black man down in regards to taking care of his children when we all know that T.I. is taking care of his children..
    This is such irresponsible reporting!!!!!! Damn!

  • chine K

    stop sweating my boy T.I.P,he’s doing the right thing,stop tryna throw dirt on his name

  • Twitter

    I hope he has a very long and lucrative career ahead of him because his elementary school full of children and babay mamas are going to cost him a lot of money.

  • chine K

    nikkie und
    if i ever go away on a charge,can you do the same for me?

  • The_Truth

    ****NOT A DAMN THING TO DO WITH BEING A DEAD-BEAT. . .your own story shows that, and you STILL rather portray another black-male in this stereotype.

  • Chelly

    If Tiny stops buying all those overpriced LV bags, maybe TI could pay his child support or attorney fees or whatever he owes.

  • estobar412

    Bossip, 1) he’s not a dead beat…she took him to court for support and was only awarded an extra $1000 per month which by my understanding he pays with no porblem. You post pics of him with his kids on a regular but you still wanna categorize him as a dead beat?!; 2) it’s not even his attorney’s fees…IT’S HERS! She took him to court however he has to pay her attorneys for any court costs! Which I feel is completely backwards but that’s how it goes down; 3) by what you’ve posted before, she’s the one livin out of her means and doesn’t work…so who’s the deadbeat?


    chine K…




  • chine K

    nik u break that word down for me..

  • jswang

    Bossip you don’t even know what your talking about. His baby mama wants him to pay her attorney fees and thus the law suit.


    that cannot be doubted; patently evident or certain; unquestionable.

  • http://youreadthatopinion.blogspot.com Cannon

    Raxco showing his ignorance and terrible writing again. The heads of Bossip can fire this writer at any time now.

    Attorney fees != child support. Dumbass.

  • Lashonda

    Oh my goodness the one in his lap look just like Tiny… awww.

  • http://myspace.com/toolive4urcrew Katherine

    Bossip, get it together…at least read your own news before you post it

  • qc704

    where is the “bossip admin”
    when u nedd him.

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