Hi Hater: Utah Business Owner Fires Obama Supporting Staff “To Cover Obongocare Costs… They Wanted The Idiot In The White House, They Reap The Benefits!”

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Another day, another ignorant Obama hating racist in the news. This time trying to blame Obama’s health care program for his hater ways.

Via Salt Lake Tribune reports:

First, the owner of a smoothie bar in Vernal is charging liberals more for a cup of juice. Now, a Cedar City business owner who let two workers go because of Obamacare costs said he picked the pair in large part because of their support for President Obama.

Terry Lee, owner of Terry Lee Forensics, showed his support for the Vernal smoothie bar’s practice of trying to recoup the costs it says are incurred because of liberal policies by posting in the comments section of a story about it in Thursday’s Salt Lake Tribune.

“Love it. We had to let two employees go to cover new Obongocare [sic] costs and increased taxes,” Lee wrote. “Found two Obongo supporters and gave them the news yesterday. They wanted the idiot in the Whitehouse [sic], they reap the benefits.”

Contacted by The Tribune Thursday, Lee said he picked the two employees in large part on the basis of their politics.

“They were Obama supporters. We just knew they were,” Lee said. “I implied that sort of tongue and cheek [in the comments section] but there were other issues, too. They were not top performers.”

“Is your political affiliation protected?” he added, explaining that he thought what he did was not illegal. “I don’t believe it is, but I don’t know.”

Federal and Utah law do not prevent private employers from firing employees on the basis of political affiliation. The one exception is if they are a government employee.

Of course it’s all BS because The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act imposes penalties on companies that don’t provide a healthcare plan only if they have over 50 employees, meanwhile his company only has nine!!!

SMH meanwhile he wants to claim there were other reasons for firing these people while he uses racial slurs about the President. GTFOHWTBS!

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