Spike Lee: “I’m Not Rich, Rich”

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

If you need a dollar, don’t holla at your cousin, Spike, because he is barely making it these days:

SPIKE Lee owns houses on the Upper East Side and on Martha’s Vineyard, and he sends his kids to private schools. But he’s a big whiner when it comes to his wealth. “It’s not rich rich,” he moaned to Britain’s Observer. “Rich is Spielberg. Lucas. Gates. Steve Jobs. Jay-Z! Bruce Springsteen. I’m not complaining. But that’s money. Will Smith. Oprah Winfrey – that’s a ton of money. Compared to them, I’m on welfare!” Lee does pinch pennies. A Page Six spy recently spotted him with his wife and son in economy class on a flight from the Bahamas.

Y’all know Spike Lee is way too old to be talking out the side of his neck like this while us common folk are eating Ramen noodles every other night and grabbing McDonald’s ketchup packets by the handful when no one is looking. LMAO at him and his family flying in the economy class. He must be trying to get a divorce or something.


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  • smilez

    ook i’m done now… thats kinda sad thou…poor me

  • MiMi

    Lookin a lil on the scruffy side, but he still makes good movies!
    He should be rolling in it cause he ain’t no big spender.

  • The_Truth

    ***One of the DUMBEST post Bossip has ever posted. . .they think “we all from the hood” so they write dumb-shit like this.

  • Who calls?

    Why they put a ! besides Jay-zs name?

  • Tealeaf

    He is a good director, but because he doesn’t Uncle Tom with his movies…He won’t get rich in Hollywhite

  • BB

    @ The_Truth

    I was thinking the same thing, the writers on this site make far too many generalizations when it comes to describing its demographic…WTF, like we all come from the hood indeed. This is so telling of the limited experiences of their writers.


    Maybe if he cut back on a game or two…maybe?

  • Nina Knows

    Bossip is owned by white people….. what do you expect.

  • Acacia

    Are you guys trying to get a sista to hate on Spike or what? What’s the point of the post again?

  • Truth hurts.

    @ Nina Knows

    White people who actually believe we’re all from the hood. And have no problem saying it while racking up the ad revenue we generate for them.

  • http://Bossip Kimberley

    Ok this is about one of the dumbest bossip posts ever. This recession is no joke my brothers and sisters. Living a high overhead lifestyle is over. Financial smarts and frugality is whats up. Every celebrity you know of is downsizing just as their financial couselors and attorneys are advising. You should too.

  • dayg715

    STFU, bossip. diddy said that he’s been flying commercial as well. spike is not complaining, he’s just making a statement. and trust, if he wanted to, he can buy and sell bossip ten times over, so fall back.

    this site must be run by HS dropouts.

  • dayg715

    i bet you if camel and his “wife” said the same exact thing, bossip would be telling everybody and their mama that they’re the smartest people in the world to be “pinching pennies” like that. SMH.

  • Nina Knows

    @Truth Hurts… Exactly!!

    Hey spike, dont feel bad.. “I’m not broke, broke”
    I can afford the ramen noodles…and splurge for a little cheese in them too.

  • lovely one

    Spike is right. A bunch of millioniares spend money like they’re Oprah (stunting) and wonder why they are literally broke by the age of 35. TEAM SPIKE!


    *smelling upper lip*

    Osh…dat you?

  • lovelifegodsexmoney.com

    @lovely one I couldn’t agree more girl!

  • http://yahoo densure

    MY Spike must be rich, i pray that he will be the richest man on earth.he deserve it.
    imagine how many of us will benefit with all the films and documentaries he will produce.he will enrich our mind and soul.
    love Spike,God bless him.

  • Oshie


    *smelling upper lip*

    Osh…dat you?


  • Passenger 57

    Ugh. Spike is seriously old news and hasn’t made a good film since 1992. Plus everyone can see through his short man complex and he ain’t follin’ nobody by marrying that light skinned lawyer – everyone knows he loves white women.

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