Lawsuits: Innocent Man Jailed For 17 Years Claims NYPD Detective Had “Improper Relationship” With The Key Witness

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Sounds like the NYPD better get ready to make it rain…

Wrongfully Jailed Man Seeks $100 Million In Compensation From NYPD

One of two men who spent 17 years behind bars before being cleared of murdering an NYC cab driver in 1995 wants the NYPD to give up the gwap to the tune of $100 million……or face a lawsuit.

via NY Post

An NYPD detective’s “improper” relationship with a witness helped land two innocent people in prison for 17 years, one of the wrongly convicted suspects said in a $100 million notice of claim filed with the city yesterday.

Eric Glisson and Cathy Watkins were freed in October after being cleared in the 1995 slaying of Bronx cab driver Baithe Diop when investigators realized the killing was committed by others.

Glisson says in a notice of claim filed with the city that one of the cops on the case, retired Detective Michael Donnelly, had an “improper personal relationship” with Miriam Tavares, a key witness in the case.

SMH. There really isn’t enough money in the world that can replace 17 years of life that can never be re-lived, but if we had to put a price tag on it…..$100 million should do the trick.

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