Ne-Yo From Back to Front

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

How nice. Ne-Yo actually decided to show up for his concert date last night where he got to play out the role of a pimp from the 1950’s or some sh*t. Check out more pics of your favorite pop star prancer and his hussified dancers right about now

Images via Splash

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  • Hannibal

  • Hannibal



    LOL@ that strain face…it hurts dont it Ne-Yo?


    Lady in picture= Oshie

    Mess with my playlist if you wanna!! Bwuauahahahahahahaaaa!!!!

  • Exxon300

    Obama 08 nigga.

  • Lauren

    LOL…Neyo don’t know what to do with a WOMAN!

  • Lauren

    These pics are pure comedy…Y is he bending her over like that??

    LMAO @ NU



    Cause he wants NO PARTS of Oshie…

  • http://bossip AK_47STAN

    Good Morning Hey Ne-Yo


    His faces and expressions just spell out straight BIATCH. I wish that I could just bust him in his gsy ass mouth.

  • Oshie

    @ NU: What playlist? Daughtry and UNLV on repeat is not a playlist!

    I’m making this pic my desktop picture!!!

  • Lauren


    Ms. Underwood…don’t you know they called me an imposter yesterday? They for some reason are extremely hype on this imposter crap.

  • Oshie



    Cause he wants NO PARTS of Oshie…


    Because he’s GAY.

  • Oshie

    Lauren, cheeeeilllllll… it was a joke.

  • Wordz Of a Prophet (Fuk it...I'm HEARTLESS)

    IDK it just looks like a bad sex scene to me. He look like its too much 4 him 2 handle and she look like she trying 2 hard

  • mild sauce part of the sauce family tradition

    LOL at NIk u, so true.. bye babes! my day aint hitting on nothing unless i serenade you! i brought you a present back from Cali and wish i could give it to you but ill save it for now! These nosey folks up in here be all up in your busisness, dont talk to you but be all up in the business!

  • hell yeah

    Damn Neyo looking like should i smack that butt but im scared i night go flying in the air because nothing is back there.

  • hell yeah

    they always try to hard!

  • chine K

    only if neyo was a straight guy,he could get props


    @ NU: What playlist? Daughtry and UNLV on repeat is not a playlist!
    HAA!! I hate you!! LOL!!

    Tell them…to smell Billie Michelle’s diaper…ewwwwwwww LOL!!!

    mild sauce…
    Can you give me a hint to what my gift is? I loves me some gifts!!

  • BE

    LOL@Bossip calling him our favorite POP SINGER!

  • BlackLADYDoctor

    I wonder if he glues that cap cock duece diesel on his oblong head?

  • chaka1

    This shit is never cute.

  • Amina

    I’m sorry to break the news but Neyo is as gay as they come…He is going with TyTy’s brother that is why that whole fight erupted against Jim Jones and Ty Ty’s brother bc Neyo was sticking up for his boo in Louis Vuitton store.

  • Christie's secrets

    why everybody gotta be gay?!

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