Seriously?: Starving 3-Legged Dog Caught On Camera Shoplifting A Meal From The Local Bodega! [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

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Aint this a btch?

Dog With Three Legs Caught Stealing Food Exits Store With Meal
A threelegged dog was caught stealing food out of a grocery store in Invercargill, New Zealand, according to a Jan. 16 report by Inquisitr. Shoppers were stunned when the canine appeared out of nowhere at the Alray Dairy store earlier this month. They looked on as he casually made his way into the food store and made a getaway with a dog roll worth 5.40.

Esmay Hay, the owner of the store where the threelegged dog was caught stealing food, said the animal was believed to have surfaced from a back door. He just roamed in and went straight to the chilled dog food section and snatched a dog roll. He seemed to know exactly what it was he wanted

When Hay did some investigating to see where he may have gone, the wrapper from his dog meat was left about three blocks away. A few days later he returned with the same intent to swipe more food. At that time, the Hay tied the dog up outside the store and waited to see if his owner would claim him. Turned out that the dog a German shorthaired pointer about 10yearsold was a stray. He was named Oscar and Hay’s grandson took him home to continue feeding and caring for him.

Oscar is now living at the pound and is getting a lot of requests for adoption. His story about being the famous threelegged dog stealing food has stolen hearts.


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