Politricks As Usual: Rappers Who Should Never Speak About Politics

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Lupe Fiasco On Stage In Oakland

Rappers Who Shouldn’t Talk Politics

Remember back in the days when rappers could make really politically charged raps and say stuff that would really make us think. Now in 2013, things have changed. A lot of rappers out there trying to talk politics really just sound like cot damn idiots.

Here are a few rappers who should just stick to rapping and shut up about the important stuff.

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DMX – He went in on Obama’s name, saying that nobody would elect someone with a made-up name like Obama. Poor Earl.


Lupe Fiasco – You ever have those guys who went to jail, read a book and came out acting like they know everything? That’s Lupe. And when he talks politics, we all cringe.

The Premiere of 'Django Unchained' held at the Ziegfeld Theatre

50 Cent – He supported George W. Bush because he said he was “gangster” for how he handled Katrina. Yeah, that’s pretty stupid.


Future – He just went on the radio sounding really silly about Obeezy. Would have sounded better in autotune.


Chief Keef – He hasn’t said anything about the President. And he really should keep it that way. Work on your phonics first.

Nicki Minaj hosts the New Year's Eve affair at Pure Nightclub inside Caesars Palace Resort and Casino Las Vegas, NV

Nicki Minaj – Remember her rapping about Romney? Sitcho a$$ down.

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    Lil Wayne – You really want him to say anything but how he’s a martian? Didn’t think so.


    Soulja Boy – He can barely say words let alone political words. Aside: this pic never gets old.


    Waka Flocka – Yeah, we’re good without it, sir.

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