Savages: Graphic-Disturbing Footage Of 2010 NY Beating Released During Trial [Video]

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Lock these savages up for life!

NY Daily News Reports:

A shockingly graphic video showing a boozed-up crowd beating a man until his skull is fractured is a key piece of evidence in a gang assault trial now in the hands of a Manhattan jury.

The three-minute tape of 37-year-old Kyam Washington being brutalized on a lower East Side street as drunken onlookers cheer is so violent that jurors in the trial were cautioned about the gore they would have to watch.

“I need to warn you that the video you’re going to see in this case contains graphic disturbing footage of possibly the most prolonged and brutal assault that you have ever, or will ever, see,” Assistant District Attorney Lucy Cutolo told the Manhattan Supreme Court panel on Jan. 8.

The suspects — Andrew McCray, Martrell Terrell, Shadia Brackman and Christopher Montanez, all friends from Yonkers who had been drinking Hennessy at Libation on Ludlow St. for a friend’s birthday — are accused of carrying out the savage attack at Essex and Rivington Sts. about 4 a.m. on May 8, 2010.

We have the video released in it’s entirety… but you have been warned of the graphic nature before turning the page and watching.


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