Oh You Mad? 10 Most Common Excuses People Give To Hate On Beyonce

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Excuses People Use To Hate Beyonce

There are a lot of people who don’t like Beyonce. You know what most of those people are called? Haters. Haters. Haters. Beyonce is the total package and people bent on dropping insults usually have some irrational reason to do so.

So we’re calling you out! Let’s take a look at the biggest excuses people give to hate on Bey.


All That Weave – Yes Beyonce rocks the finest of yak hair on any occasion, even during the Inauguration. But you know what? It rarely looks all ratchet and ragged while your homegirl looks like Davy Crockett half the time.

Beyonce GQ

She’s Fat – This is the dumbest of them all. There was a time back at Destiny’s Child when Bey didn’t have the tightest tummy, but now? Even after her baby? Ooooohhhweeeee.

fake pregnancy

She Faked Her Pregnancy – You can’t be serious with this conspiracy theory can you?


She’s In The Illuminati – Put down the foil hat, idiot.

beyonce performance

She Can’t Really Sing – Did you hear her yesterday? Okay.


She Did Destiny’s Child Dirty – She may have done the original members a little dirty damn near 20 years ago, but she’s keeping the DC flag high and is even dropping an album with them soon even if she doesn’t have to.

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    She Seems Dumb – Right…like any idiot can be an international superstar. It’s gotta take some smarts to be as successful as she is.


    Why Are Her And Jay-Z So Private? – Because they’re not attention slores like the rest of the celebrities out there.


    She Can’t Act – Okay…well…you got us there.

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