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Zhang Ziyi’s Choco Starfish Licked in Public! F-Listed

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  • Proud ArmyWifee

    That pic look trif’


    That’s the move!!

  • sexysha

    Who is that???

  • Tealeaf

    Actress Zhang Ziyi..From Crouching Tiger, Memoirs of a Geisha…

    He needs to take that shit to a’s public beach..YUCK

    He must not respect Ms. Egg Noodles that much.

  • http://bossip Shaunie27

    Now thats what Im talking about!!!

  • jjj / Proud Jamaican

    Dang! I didn’t know that Asian/Chinese woman was so “open”. Maybe it was a nude beach….if not, they should research what a room is; and get one. SMH

    Rihanna and Chris Brown song is pure fire! “girls be checking my bags…they be bitting my swag.” Tell em Rih!

  • iluvprada

    I like Rhianna’s new joint wit her boo Chris! Its HOTT!

  • Daniel

    The things that could go down with the right Chinese girl! It’s a shame that the average Asian woman doesn’t want any parts of a black man, but I’ve been blessed once or twice. I don’t know about licking them in the chocolate starfish at the beach, but everything else is all good.

  • Its6amHoGetOut


    N*gga are you crazy? Black men and asian women go together like fat b*tches and nappy weaves, popeyes, krispy kreme, n*ggas fresh outta jail and ugly dumb children!

    Here in Honolulu you get fresh asian ass delivered everyday via japan airlines, china airlines, korean airlines, singapore airlines and malaysia air, I learned this lesson when i was 15 and had a growth spurt to 6ft tall, asian b*tches vacation in hawaii, L.A. and N.Y. to f*ck n*ggas. Most of them cant speak a word of english but they know how to tell a n*gga their hotel and room number.

    I learned to speak fluent japanese by f*ckin’ with japanese b*tches. And remember, Rush hour 2 was zhangs first american movie, she couldnt speak a word of english, but look at her ass now, she can tell that israeli n*gga to eat her ass out in perfect english!

  • krissy

    You all are nasty, as for Miss Ziyi or whomever so wat…i mean aside from the camera, i bet half of u have committed some PDA/sexual acts in public…lmao

  • RedwildFire

    OMG SMH@ BOSSIP for not putting that horrible song on display by Bri-Bri… Omg now this song needs it’s own headline!!!! What is he rapping????? Matter of fact what is she saying???????? SMH @ This whole track, producers, writers, hell everybody on the track. Wow!!!!!

  • DDub

    Looks like he’s biting her non existant ass not the other thing.

    I agree, nothing wrong with a lil public affection. It makes things interesting.

  • Steele Magnolia

    I know one thing, Bossip better stop tryna hack my shyt or it’s gonna be some serious unlawful like behavior added to THEY agenda AND I’M SO Not playn cuz ya dont know who I know…chill out…

  • Film

    Tossing salad on the beach, huh.

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    According to my encyclopedia, Asian women are sellouts.


  • FakeAssHungryHo's

    lol at the twit, daniel… “Blessed to be with an Asian”-some of you Black men are ridiculous. Why Blacks reduce themselves to a fat ass or a big dick os just what the white man worked so long and hard on programming you to believe… Jesus take the wheel, too many Black men are self-loathing!!!

  • Its6amHoGetOut


    Sorry that you get offended so easily, could it be that black men just dont find you attractive? Try taking that fork outta your mouth, try taking that weave outta your hair, try shutting tha f*ck up unless you have something important to say. Thats the problem with you dumb black heffa’s, like most men I’m gonna f*ck who I’m attracted too, and if I could learn a foreign language in between pumps so be it.

    Do me a favor fake ass, go back to trying to save the hood, raising your fatherless children, looking for money to get your weave retightened and lying to yourself about advancing the race.

    Leave the smart sh*t to me.

    Love 6am

  • DeE

    Ahm….yeah it does look like he was “playfully” biting her flat bumm. Though it is great to be comfy with one’s body, this is ridiculous. It is for the bedroom, things like this should be done in private. Nude beach or not, it is shameful and degrading to be sooo nude and receiving sex related feels/acts in public. This world has lost all sense of morality. We as humans are loosing our decorum and sense of modesty. In this sense Less is not more…..despite how great a person is or strives to be, those who are so nude in public will have to answer to their LORD, that is a fact. No, I am not an angel; yes, I think terribly naughty things sometimes; acting like this would not only degrade myself, but be a poor example for my children. It would be horrible for my family members, my mom/dad/teachers/religious leader, my peers, future mate, to stumble accross such a display. Modesty is truly underrated!

  • chaka1

    Asian women love black men, trust…

  • http://bossip on the loose

    Amen DeE……very well put.

  • Natureboy

    A man can get hungry while at the beach. I share his appetite.

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