Hi Hater: Rush Limbaugh Reacts To President Obama’s 2nd Inauguration…”All These Groupies Coming Out To See That Chicago Thug!”

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Rush Limbaugh Reacts To Obama’s Inauguaration

This sloppy b@stard always has some hater azz ish to say!

Via Fox Nation:

We went to Las Vegas for the weekend and I’m sitting outside on the deck smoking a cigar yesterday as we’re getting ready to leave. The inaugural stuff is on and I’m not watching it. I knew what it was gonna be, and over the weekend, by the way, I had read all kinds of things. I was doing show prep, preparing for today to come back, and I was telling Snerdley this morning, “It is amazing the number of –” maybe you’ve seen this, Dawn. Well, I don’t know how many blogs you read. You wait for me to tell you what’s in ’em, but you wouldn’t believe the number of conservative commentators who all of a sudden, “Hey, you know what? We’re going to have to start backing off Obama. He’s really not a bad guy. He’s not really a socialist, Marxist. He’s just a Chicago thug and you just have to look at him that way. He doesn’t really have bad designs on the country. We’re not gonna get anywhere.”

Then Condoleezza Rice is out saying the GOP’s doing this or that, making a mistake here on immigration. It became clear, folks, that you and I who are conservatives, we’re becoming more and more marginalized and isolated on a little island here and it’s very small and it’s adrift out in the middle of nowhere. We’ve got people jumping ship left and right. Our own island, we got people jumping off our own ship. I mean, the number of us who exist as we are who are fearless in trying to explain exactly what’s going on each and every day are dwindling in number in the media. Now, I don’t know about you. I don’t get that sense with you based on the feedback I get from you. So, anyway, I knew also that when I got here today that Cookie would have watched the inaugural festivities and she would prepare for me the audio sound bite roster that had all the stuff.

Kathryn is sending me texts yesterday while I’m out on the deck. “Boy, you ought to be very glad you’re not watching CNN. You wouldn’t be able to handle it.” I said, “Probably not.” They were fawning over Obama. There’s no pretense these people are journalists anymore. Tom Foreman, ever heard of him, Snerdley? I have. He’s a CNN reporter. We’ve learned he has written a letter to Obama every day of the last four years, love letters, “Dear Santa Claus” letters. Al Roker practically messed in his pants against yesterday when he got the first car-side interview with Obama in the inaugural parade. It is unlike anything I have ever seen. There is not even any pretense anymore in the media of being dispassionate or objective, and I’m telling you, when I warned you last week and the week before, you’re gonna hear it coming up in the sound bites. I predicted, I warned you that the agenda, the number one item on the Obama Democrat Party media agenda is the destruction of the Republican Party, is the elimination of any opposition.

And I said to myself, “Boy, it’s a good thing we got the tax issue off the table. It’s a good thing we put the tax issue behind us. It really is stunning.” I know there are people who say, “Well, be patient, Rush, Obama, they’re overreaching. They’re setting themselves up, when this kind of stuff happens, you know, karma comes along and smacks everybody down.” Folks, I’ve been waiting for karma to fix what’s wrong for 25 years. The cultural rot continues to rotten and deepen. Everything that we think is wrong culturally, politically, continues to deteriorate, and there doesn’t seem to be a low point at which people say, “You know what, enough.” We just keep trending downward. Just seem to be headed in that direction. So I want to demonstrate and give you examples of all this as the program unfolds.

Let’s go to sound bite number one. We have a montage here of yesterday and last night, a bunch of media people, and I swear, I’ve never seen them or heard them so happy. I think this is the happiest they have been in recorded history, certainly in the modern era. Certainly they are happier than the first time around in 2008. Because last year, 2012, was the culmination of all their hard work. These people, since 2007, really, but the 2008 campaign, they’ve been like groupies. They have been excited to be in the mere presence of Obama. Another journalist talked and wrote a piece about how during the inaugural festivities yesterday, I guess, it was tweeted, Facebooked, whatever, these guys are doing, “My God, oh, my God, I ended up right next to Obama for like five minutes!” A journalist is writing this. “Oh, my God, oh, my God, I could almost touch him!”

SMH at “He’s not really a socialist, Marxist. He’s just a Chicago thug!”

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