For Discussion: Whoopi Goldberg – “Just Because A Woman Has An Abortion Doesn’t Mean She Isn’t Pro-Life” Do You Agree?

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Whoopi talks that talk on The View…

Whoopi Goldberg Says Women Who Have Abortions Can Still Be Pro-Life

This morning on ABC Talk Show “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg went to bat for women who are faced with choice of terminating their pregnancy.

The controversial topic at hand began with Whoopi and fellow co-hosts Joy Behar, Sherri Shepard and Elisabeth Hasselbeck discussing the recent decision of Justin Bieber’s mother to come out publicly in support of a new pro-life movie. When the foursome started talking that talk about whether or not mama Bieber’s choice to take a stance on the issue would alienate some of his pro-choice fans, Whoopi had this to say:

Just because a woman chooses to have an abortion doesn’t necessarily mean that she isn’t pro-life.

Each of these decisions are rarely easy to make. Women who go through this are not having a party.

They mourn that life.

This is clearly a sensitive subject and the choice to support either stance is a personal one that each individual makes on their own for various reasons.

Do you agree with Whoopi? Or do you think that the actions of women who say they are pro-life should line up in both theory and practice?


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