Suspect Sports: A Gallery Of Athletes Accused Of Being In The Closet

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Athletes Accused Of Being Gay

We’ve never really had an openly gay athlete before. The belief is that openly gay athletes will get ostracized from sports as people are concerned that teams will shun them if they come out. That hasn’t stopped people from being accused of being in the closet while others try to yank them out and throw them on Front Street.

So here they are: athletes constantly called suspect. Your thoughts?

Basketball legend Magic Johnson and a female friend are all smiles after enjoying a nice lunch at Wolfgang Puck Bistro in Beverly Hills. Magic also took a picture with a young fan that was passing by with his family.

Magic Johnson – When he said he had HIV, many thought it was just a disease for gays. So the rumors were swirling…

chris bosh

Chris Bosh – He has been called suspect from jump for his perceived effeminate ways. Pics like these don’t help.

dennis rodman

Dennis Rodman – His dresses and pointy bras have always gotten attention…but you know he’s chopped down some bangers.

ricky williams

Ricky Williams – He posed on the cover of ESPN in a wedding dress. Yeah, New Orleans loved him.

Manti Teo

Manti Te’o – There’s speculation this whole drama is just a cover up to hide his homosexuality.

Marion Jones

Marion Jones – She’s been accused of being a closet lesbian, but that’s the stigma for female athelets.

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    Oscar De La Hoya

    Oscar De La Hoya – Surprised?


    Caster Semenya – She’s been widely accused of being a man…which is probably pretty insulting to her.

    Carl Lewis

    Carl Lewis – He was accused of being gay and using performance enhancing drugs. We’re honestly not sure which one athletes are are scared of more.

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