You Need More People: Manti Te’o Denies Being Gay Despite Rumors He Created Fake Girlfriend To Hide Homsexuality

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Do you believe him?

Manti Te’O Denies Being Gay

Via TMZ reports:

Manti Te’o just revealed … he’s NOT GAY … despite rumors he used a fake girlfriend to hide his homosexuality.

Katie Couric asked Manti flat-out whether he’s gay because it’s the most obvious explanation for the bizarre “Lennay Kekua” hoax — but Manti replied, “No. Far from it. FAR FROM IT.”

Manti also revealed Ronaiah Tuiasosopo’s full confession, which Ronaiah sent via Twitter, saying, “I completely accept the consequences to the pain I’ve caused and it’s important that you know the entire truth before anyone else.”

Just when you though Te’o and his BS story had officially jumped the shark and entered into its 15th minute….


Ronaiah Tuiasosopo had intense feelings for Manti Te’o … feelings that developed over time that he channeled through a female persona, but the emotions — like the scam — were rooted in fantasy.

Sources very close to Ronaiah tell TMZ … he struggled for years trying to adapt to the expectations of his culture, his religion and his family. Ronaiah, we’re told, never had a serious physical relationship with anyone and created a female persona online as a way to vent his feelings.

We’re told Ronaiah used the female persona in many encounters, but so far there’s no evidence he became intensely emotionally attached to anyone — until Manti. We’ve confirmed when Ronaiah spoke with Manti as “Lennay Kekua” he used his own voice.

They were gay for each other and when his spot got blown up he made his boyfriend take the blame. The end.

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