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Dying Woman Has Her Brain Frozen And Hopes To Be Re-Born Once Cancer Cure Is Found

Cancer is a horrible disease that continues to claim the lives so many so suddenly, and it’s no uncommon for family members of those stricken with the fatal illness to do all they can to grant their love one last wishes once it’s determined that nothing else can be done. But the last wish of this 23-year-old has got to be a first….

via Fox News

It seems like the stuff of science fiction, a dying young woman decides she wants to be frozen after her death until a cure is found for brain cancer.
But for the family of Kim Suozzi, 23, it’s not fiction.

“I worked real hard on reconciling it with my personal faith and trying to be okay with it, and I am okay with it,” said Jane Suozzi, Kim’s mother, who lives in Ballwin.
For the final two years of her life, Kim knew she was dying of an aggressive brain cancer called Glioblastoma multiforme. But even before the diagnosis, she considered the idea of being cryopreserved someday.

Kim’s decision to be frozen after death is based on the hope science will someday find a way to bring her back to life after finding a cure for cancer.

Kim spent the final two weeks of her life at a hospice in Scottsdale, Arizona, so she could die in the same city as Alcor Life Extension, the cryopreservation facility she chose.
She passed away peacefully on January 17.

Kim was also able to raise $7,000 before she passed to contribute to the high cost of  having her remains preserved as she’d asked.  This story is crazy hell and remarkable all at once.

Would you grant this wish for your close friend or family member?

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