For the Stans: Beyonce in Ethopia

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

We would like to thank you for being patient with the light post load these past few days, and for that here are some pics of Beyonce performing in Ethopia where they are really feelin her melodious music:

“Rap music doesn’t suit Ethiopia. Ethiopians need a melody. Rap music is all about the message and we don’t identify with that. It’s all about the black American experience, and we don’t relate to that.”

Meanwhile Little Miss Myspace Blogger Solange shops in Hollywood with her son Juelz:


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    Finally First! lolol

  • sweetcaramel

    B’s waist is wide, but very very flat….Wonder what she does? Anyway, she looks nice as always

  • Happy 2 B Nappy

    Must we continue to be hit over the head with this chick?

  • TT

    She looks scary

  • nahnah

    Beyonce looks silly as usual.

  • shann1233

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  • shay

    A lot of people hate on Beyonce and I don’t get it. The fact is she can sing and dance at the same time for hours. I went to her concert and I was very impressed with her show. I was blown away at how good she is. How many times to you see someone sing in person and dance at the same time and sound like they do on the CD? She is the best female prefomer out there right now. I don’t understand all of the hate for her.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    LOL, that little kid is cute, but a bit weird looking…in an adorable kind of way. 🙂

  • tintin

    damn i’m loving the 6 pack

  • serene

    @ shay

    I don’t think people hate on bey…..i think people are just tired of her. i know i am. I buy her stuff, she’s got talent, but all dat dancing nonsense get bored to me quick.

    and solange look like she makes a good ma. dare i say, im beginning to like her.

  • Mary J Blige

    i can tell she in ethiopia cos her ribs starting to show. hot damn

  • nahnah

    shay, do you like tofu? well i LOVE tofu!

    so just say you don’t like tofu, would it make sense if i say you’re “hating” on tofu because you don’t like it? yeah, i thought so! stop being so silly!

  • dayg715

    i guess it’s good SOMEBODY still likes her. she’s pretty much done here, thanks to rihanna.

    oh, and fyi, when someone is performing, and they sound exactly like they do on CD, it usually means they’re lip-synching.

  • anonymous

    damn, she looks more and more drag-queenish every day.

  • Z Phi Til I Die

    Damn, are u sure that’s her. It looks like a skinny White girl. Wow!! I guess it’s the angle that’s off, but I would have never guessed that was her from that first picture.

  • hummingbirdee

    Um, I saw Beyonce in conert this summer & the girl is BADD. No, she was NOT lip-synching. Girl was off the chain acappella. She was dancing & singing for 2 and a half hours straight & sounded marvelous. I definitely gained more respect for her. She is not going to sit down because she is doing her thing while she is still hot because soon ppl will move on to the next and at least she will have made her money.

  • Lisa


  • saucefry

    What else can U say about BEYONCE—she’s “flawless” in other words SHE’S DA SH$T!!!

  • Z Phi Til I Die

    1st picture looks more like Any Winehouse

  • nick

    people, I’m Speaking to the 30 and older generation, this is why you should introduce you kids to real music, show them what real singing and performing was back in the day, Aretha Franklin, Patty Labelle, Roberta Flack, Whitney HOuston, Stephanie Mills, and a host of other great Black entertainers, otherwise they will make the same DUMBASS comment as LISA,( beyonce is the greatest performer in the world ) Lord have Mercy what is this world coming too. and none of these ladies sold sex and still great singers and performers, Shaking your ass half ass naked is not performing. its hype

  • Gypsy EyeZ

    Beyonce’s tummy looks nice and flat but WTF is up with the glitter stickers???

    Juelz is Adorable, guess he got his dad’s looks.

  • KIA

    YAwwwwwwwwwwwwwn! Beyonce is boring now! She is trying desperately to stay relevant!

  • Ohno

    She looks like she was rockin it.

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  • jazi

    bey is a great performer but all that wig shaking & gawdy costumes must go..take a break bey plssssssssss!

    solange needs to hold onto that boy’s hand..she won’t be so lucky next time. (she caught him just in time before he ran out into the street)

  • cogic man

    LOOK AT BEYONCE AND ALL HER LESBIAN BAND MEMBERS. they was with her at the burlesque strip show!

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