Keyshia Calls Out Jeezy

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Keyshia Cole was ramblin’ like a drunkard at her New Year’s party, and indirectly put Jeezy on blast in the process. Do we detect some sour grapes here??

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  • Tracey

    Cole is like a little shrimp and so unsexy, with her little tweezer muscly legs!


    Well I wouldn’t still be sending shouts out to a Nigga that I haven’t spoken to in over a year…I’m Kiesha Coles…F@(K him….


    No Kiesha isn’t the sexiest…however she deserves the Oscar/Grammy for being one of the realest bitches in a fake as game…..that counts for a lot…

  • Stacey Dash is Fine as Shiggety

    She needs to get the hell over it. He must have really put it on her for her to miss it like this.

  • Acacia

    @Tish Tush

    I agree. She may not be the baddest but she looks and sings better than a few….She seems like a hard worker and she comes across as honest. It unrealistic never to say anything about somebody you broke up with. Regardless of how long after the fact.

  • grillfixer


  • cac

    New fashion taking over the industry

  • jena4rmthablock

    How did she dis him? She shouted him out. Lame-o’s tryna make something outta nothing.

  • Memo

    So why is she giving long ass speeches about an ex at a damn New Year’s eve party.

    Let it go chick.


    get over it already, he aint thinkin bout chew…..


    I here you but my motto is NEVER LET THEM SEE YOU SWEAT…..before I go through all that…he’d become a non entity to my…especially if I’m living….

  • OverTheTop

    To me she was just giving him a shout out but in a sarcastic way. She still a little better about the break-up. I read in a VIBE magazine where Jeezy said she wanted to get married and she proposed to him and he said naw. So he carried her and she still a little bitter, but I don’t think she was dissing him.

  • OverTheTop

    *bitter about the break-up*

  • BOSSIP_LEE_THE_NIGGA_NINJA ( I promised my Master that I would be First One Day Heeeyaah Bitch)

    DAMN YALL START OFF 2009 HATING LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Kiesha Cole a shrimp? Tweezer Muscle Legz? Not the Best Lookin? WOW if people couldnt Hide behind Advatars this be a funny website yo…

  • shavondenise

    LOL!! Bout time she finally come clean about everyting. Jeezy called her out like fake thugs do when he did that magazine article so she had to get at him. Its funny how guys show more loyalty to their “boys” and their “crew” more than they do to their ladies. But Kesh was a little tipsy thats all.

  • BOSSIP_LEE_THE_NIGGA_NINJA ( I promised my Master that I would be First One Day Heeeyaah Bitch)

    LMAO Avatars nigga said Advatars sound like Heart Ache medicine N Shit…

  • ChocolateKate

    @ stacy dash..I totally agree, they probrably had a one night stand, he hit, and she wanted to take it further, but Jeezy was like heellll nawl, I just wanted dem drawls, I don’t want no relationship & Keisha was salty after that! I mean it;s all in her expression..she hurt about that…she got played…or either he head her on like a mofo…

  • ChocolateKate

    He lead her on… I meant to say…sorry for the typos…

  • African Princess

    It’s a damn shame. Men, cant live with them. Can’t live without them. Drink up, I’m sending you a Mojito.

  • Valerie

    Come on Keyshia, let it go!

  • http://Yahoo Myshel

    She got dump…ego crushed!

  • Acacia

    Saying you haven’t ever been hurt by the opposite sex is like saying you never have sinned.

  • Acacia

    Get with Nas, he looks better plus the song featuring him is hot. Jeezy comes across as immature as hell. I do like his raps though.

  • Nigga Said

    MAN DOWN!!!!! HOLLA!!!!!TYRA MAIL!!!!!!!!


    Interesting….why would girl like her date an ugly montsa like Jeezy?? He should be glad she even gave him the time of day wit his ole ugmo self! LOL

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