Barry-O Admits To Bustin’ His Gun On The Regular: “I Go Shooting All The Time”

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Shoot first ask questions last?

President Obama Talks About His Love Of Skeet Shooting

Via DailyMail

Obama has attempted to pacify jittery gun-owners by talking about his love of clay pigeon shooting.

The President’s words will be seen as an attempt to reassure conservative voters who are angry about his plans to ban assault weapons as part of a drastic overhaul of gun laws.

In a soon-to-be published interview with The New Republic, President Obama is asked whether he has ever fired a gun.

He said: ‘Yes, in fact, up at Camp David, we do skeet shooting all the time.’

He added: ‘Not the girls, but oftentimes guests of mine go up there. And I have a profound respect for the traditions of hunting that trace back in this country for generations.

‘And I think those who dismiss that out of hand make a big mistake.’

The POTUS explains why his use of firearms and why he feels that the gun control issue has 2 valid sides.

‘Part of being able to move this forward,’ President Obama says, ‘is understanding the reality of guns in urban areas are very different from the realities of guns in rural areas.’…

‘If you grew up and your dad gave you a hunting rifle when you were ten,’ the president said, ‘and that became part of your family’s traditions, you can see why you’d be pretty protective of that.’

Obama referred to the gap between urban and rural views on gun ownership as ‘part of the biggest task over the next several months’ in his fight for public support of his assault weapons ban.

‘And that’ he says, ‘means that advocates of gun control have to do a little more listening than they do sometimes.’

Does Barry’s love of blam-blammin’ his cannon at clay pigeons make him a hypocrite in regards to wanting to enforce tougher gun laws?

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