Pity The Fool: Ray Lewis Forgives Wes Welker’s Wife For Facebook Rant “People Make Mistakes And Say Foolish Things”

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Forgive them Father for they know not what they do! That seems to be Ray Lewis’ approach to Anna Welker’s nasty Facebook rant.

Via NYPost reports:

Ray Lewis sounds like a minister sometimes when he speaks, and when the topic of Anna Welker, the wife of Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker, came up last night, he sounded like Father Ray.

Anna Welker, a former Miss Hooters International,, wrote some unkind things about Lewis on her Facebook page after the Ravens beat the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game last week. Lewis said he won’t hold a grudge.

“I truly forgive her,” Lewis said. “I don’t have no hard feelings against her at all. But I believe people make mistakes and say foolish things.”

Welker made reference to Lewis’ past when he faced murder charges and also referenced his personal life.

“Proud of my husband and the Pats,” she wrote. “By the way, if anyone is bored, please go to Ray Lewis’ Wikipedia page. 6 kids 4 wives. Acquitted for murder. Paid a family off. Yay. What a hall of fame player! A true role model!”

She later issued an apology.

“I’ve always been a firm believer of the good book,” Lewis said. “The good book confirms even a fool is counted wise until he opens his or her mouth. Sometimes people just say silly stuff and they say it out of emotion.”

We love how Ray took the higher road but simultaneously made it known that Anna Welker is pretty much a stupid ho at the same time!

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