Pure Comedy: Carmelo Anthony Poses And Takes Pics With A Fan Holding A Honey Nut Cheerios Box!

- By Bossip Staff

mel-o cheerios

No, not THAT “box”!

Carmelo Anthony Pictured With Fan Holding Honey Nut Cheerios Box

Guess Melo isn’t trippin’ off Honey Nut Cheerios controversy that has surrounded him and his wife Lala anymore. This picture appeared online this weekend after the Knicks beat the Celtics in a 89-86. Apparently, after the game a fan ran up on the Knicks All-Star and asked for an autograph, Melo kindly signed the box and even let the fan take a flick.

Way to shake it off Mel, these haters can’t hold you back. That said, this is still pretty damn funny!

Could you have been as diplomatic as Carmelo if a fan asked YOU for an autograph on his wife’s a cereal box?

Image via Instagram

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