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Ladies: Clues to Find Out if Your Boyfriend is Secretly Gay F-Listed

Gisele Gets All Glammed Up for Max Factor Lossip

Random Ridiculousness – Louis Vuitton Birthday Cakes Bossip Throwback

Ann Coulter calls Michelle Obama “Jackie O” Imitator Livesteez

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  • freetopee78

    Didn’t I ask U all in the other post to give me as in Mock Rock Star a shout out when U post some gay shit??? U all are some insobortionationist(sp?)

  • Crazy Ass Rodney


  • Raquel26

    Insubordinate is the word. lol

    Now you got me running the Websters website to see if thats a word!

  • Jewish Baby


  • Doc

    how bossip knos this things?

  • djdivathemixtress

    If he has gay porn on his computer..well then u know!

  • Doc

    i guess if he walk like a duck it must be a duck.

  • http://bos, toocute

    its hard to tell sometimes these days,some football players, basketball players,and real masculine guys are gay,cant go by looks or mannerism

  • jjj / Proud Jamaican


  • MeanGurl

    lol@ number 8 on the list. I used to date a guy who had the nerve to want me to do number 8 on him. I dumped that mf with a quickness.

  • MeanGurl

    Is there a list for men to know when their woman is on Gay-Dar status?

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