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Posted by Bossip Staff

The picture above is a limited edition Vibe Kanye sticker. The real cover will be released tomorrow, and you know you will see it as soon as we get it. He will be giving VIBE his top 10 list of songs. How much you want to bet some white rocker stuff is included?

Notice the Dee and Ricky Heart accessory?

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  • Hannibal

  • BossLa


  • http://myspace.com870bg bg

    Just as gay as he wanna be…and i know all you kanye dick riders gone say something, but who gives a shit, if this nigga aint gay he sure did miss his calling

  • Candid Canuck

    the love lockdown the love lockdown…

  • http://myspace.com870bg bg

    Hey! Let’s play how i know ur gay… cuz you have a kanye rainbow pride sticker

  • If Money Is The Root Of All Evil, Then P*ssy Gotta Be The Tree!

    As long as the nicca makes good music, I don’t care if he fuks & suks unicorns at night.

  • http://bossip Tonnie....so fresh you can smell me through the zip loc....(504).(337)..(985).the boot

    How much you want to bet some white rocker stuff is included?…………..wtf is wrong with alternative music, soft rock,?smh…oh i get it! they can listen 2 our music but we cant listen 2 theirs.

  • told you so

    WTF is up with this dude’s clothes?

  • PhillyGrownYoungWoman

    kanye looks yukkky…ewwww (the male feminine/tight clothes wearing trend)…i guess the trend is going from rap to rock, hence lil wayne tight alfits lately (along with the lip ring)

  • AAA


    What is he wearing a cardigan or a blazer? Looks like some kind of tweed, anyone?

  • AAA

    Never mind, it’s a blazer. I really can’t get over the colour scheme, vibe should fire their graphic designer.AWFUL with the gradient, layer mode and then BAM, big ugly vibe.

  • JK

    I don’t think he is gay. Not every black male has to be wearing his pants “sagging” and half-way down to his ass. Grow up.

  • LawdhavMercythisshitis real

    i just got my babe that heart and they make belt buckles got him both they mad hott …. i see u yeezy i luv he he propmoting those young black designers they gave him that heart for free and he is doing rite by them he wears that heart alot good shit

  • http://myspace.com/toolive4urcrew Katherine

    Kanye can wear whatever he wants to wear and good music is good music, doesnt matter the genre so if some “white rocker stuff” is on there so what? I swear some people have such a limited view and are so close minded…

  • BlackLADYDoctor

    I don’t care if he’s gay. Why do so many of you hate and downgrade gay people? I know and love some magnificent gays, who’ve only showed love and compassion towards me and those around them. Homophobia is a sign of a bigger problem such as HATE and IGNORANCE. Whether this man is gay or not really is nobody’s business or concern. I don’t think I’ve ever been up in the middle of the night pondering the man’s above sexuality… In reality I’ve never been into short men and I don’t read vibe unless I’m getting a spa mani-pedi. I like his haircut. 🙂

    I have read that he’s trying to stop displaying his egocentric ILLmannered ways.

    CHANGE is good so I heard.

  • http://Bossip.com jjj / Proud Jamaican

    …so what if white rocker stuff are included Bossip???

  • http://myspace.com870bg bg

    @ all the ladies

    If a nigga that had never even been in a talent show let alone been in front of major audiences came to your house to pick you up with that shit on would you still go? Why do stars get a pass on bullshit?

  • JK

    But that is why most people call him gay is due to the way he is dressing. Shit, there are a lot of undercovers, and thug “homos” too.

  • 1st Lady

    Kanye, I know it’s rough right now but It’s going to be ok. I understand you’re feelings unsaid, mom is brand new again and she’s smiling. Won’t you please smile with me? I feel your heart aching you’ve lost your best friend. I know it’s rough right now but this is just the beginning. Although everything seeming to be in slow-mo you’re still winning. Live life, love, have children and be zealous. You’re beautiful. And I know it’s rough right now. Smile with me. We’ll get through it. R.I.P. James Arthur Windmon, Jr. (my father) and Donda West God Bless.

  • J.A.

    I have a love/hate relationship with this man.

  • GOD

    I like some ‘White Rocker’ music. Depeche Mode, Elmer Fudd, Blondie, really too many to name. Music has no COLOR when its good. Why must people limit themselves all the time? Try something new you’d be surprised.

    What I don’t like about these Egocelebs who suddently found ‘White Rocker Music,’ as you call it Bossip, is these guys suddenly are dogging hip hop the music that made them new money rich. I’m beginning to wonder if Kanye, Lupe, and Jayz are being paid by higher sources in the Music industry to repackage ROCK in place of HIP HOP. None of them can open the market on Rock music when in reality it has never died and neither has hip hop.

    I just watched a documentary on New Orleans and Kanye was right, Gdubya Bush doesn’t like Black people, especially poor Black people.

  • JK

    @ GOD
    I didn’t have to watch no dcoumentary to come to that conclusion.

  • MeanGurl

    The words have been deleted fromn that heart. Wonder what it says???

  • MeanGurl

    I love me some YeYe!!

  • Yikes!

    I like Kanye

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