Epitome Of A Bad Mother: 49ers QB Colin Kapernick’s Mother Abandoned Him Despite Parents Help, Still Refuses To Reveal His Swirly Black Biological Father!

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Colin Kaepernick

Look at him now beyotch

49ers QB Colin Kaepernick’s Mother Abandoned Him And Refused To Reveal His Biological Father

Via DailyMail

The biological mother of Super Bowl star Colin Kaepernick gave him up for adoption even though her own parents offered to help raise him, MailOnline reveals today.

Speaking for the first time, Phyllis and James Zabransky have revealed that throughout their daughter Heidi’s pregnancy, they believed she would keep her baby and supported that choice.

On the eve of the Super Bowl, in which the emerging star quarterback will play the vital role for the San Fransisco 49ers, they have told of their lingering regret at her last minute change of heart 25 years ago.

They admit that they still hope for contact and say that to this day they do not know who the father is.

Mr Zabransky, 68, said: ‘Heidi’s thoughts and feelings at the time were her own of course but we thought she would keep him.’

Colin 1

The Zabransky’s also say that Heidi has never told them who Colin’s biological father is.

‘We don’t know why his father has never acknowledged him or why his mother has never said who he is.

‘We’ve never met the man. We don’t even know who he is. It’s something I’ll never understand.’

They know no more than Kaepernick – that his father was black and 6ft 2” tall.

Heidi, you got some ‘splainin’ to do…

‘I know who he is. I know where he is. I always have.

‘But that isn’t something I’m prepared to share and he has never acknowledged his son.’

Despite her unwillingness to let the cat out of the bag, Heidi still is reported publicly stating that she wants to establish a relationship with her raising star son.

Big surprise there.

She has tried to make contact over the years but her approaches have always been politely but firmly rebuffed though Kaepernick has expressed interest in knowing who his biological father is.

In lieu of a relationship Heidi has taken to tweeting her support and love of the son she gave up.

Messages like ‘Huge congrats to @kapernick7 getting the start on Sunday! Look forward to it! You’re always in my heart!’ last November.

And “@kaepernick10 Nice article! Keep doing what you’re doing! Stay focused on your dream! The rest will fall into place. Love you!’ in January 2011.

But today Kaepernick views any relationship with his birth mother as a betrayal of the couple who raised him and who Heidi acknowledged as his ‘parents’ the moment she met them.

To make matters worse Heidi now lives in Denver with an 8-year-old, white son, and we’re willing to bet he knows EXACTLY who his dad is!

Heidi 2

Seems like Heidi is ashamed that she soaked in the seed of a black man if you ask us.

3 words. Ho. Sit. Down.

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  • Shirl

    If he wasn’t famous would she still want to establish a relationship? I think not.

  • nice

    Yea I don’t think she would be trying to be apart of his life if he was famous… The fact that she won’t fact she let him know who his father is ..is just sad.. and that she might not be really sure if in fact she’s 100% correct on who his dad might be

  • PurpleCharm

    And the Bama of the Week award goes to Heidi Zabransky. What an ignorant twit. I feel very sorry for this dude but I’m glad he’s strong enough to rebuff her attempts to reach him. She sounds like a psychopath.

  • Abandoned

    He has a right to know who his father is and she is VERY selfish. It doesn’t matter that he has never acknowledged his son. She may have told the father she would never tell anyone who he was but either way he has a right to know. Parents that abandon you always say the same thing “you are in my heart”. What the h@!! Does that mean. It’s funny how she is raising the next child. He made it though so it’s a constant reminder of just how much she is a failure!

  • celsus

    Could it be that she was a jumpoff and she doesn’t know who the father is a Ho Ho Ho is still a hoe at Christmas.

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