The Fabulous, Gorgeous, and Stunning Mary J. Blige

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

This thang right here is just amazing. It is hard not to love Mary J. Blige when you think about what she’s overcome in her life, the inspiration her music provides, and most importantly those thick cakes she had back in the day…man. She’s just Mary, y’all.

Toccara, Jadakiss, Teyana Taylor and Fabolous at “Notorious” festivity events below.

Doug E. Fresh, Derek Luke (swirl offender), Lil’ Mama and a mini-bangers competition between Ciara, Cassie and Naturi when you…

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  • MWNY

    You remind me was my jam. Ciara looks good.

  • shar

    Sorry, but lycra over lycra can make you look all trussed up.

    Okay, let it rip….

  • Aunt Viv

    Love the boots Mary! Her first 2 albums were the soundtrack to my youth!

  • kaylani

    wtf @ lil mama’s haiiir pompom afro puff thing-it’s 2009 nw c’mon


    OKKKKKKKKK, i heard that shyt the invite musta said ballers and men who look like Idris n nem will be in full attendance cause almost everybody came out looking daym near they best. Daym what yall say Mary has had her fair share of raggin days, believe it.

    Xtra fly shoutout to Mary, Ciara, TOCARRA and dammit ima just say Cassie, even though her outfit could use some tweakng she’s getting the point.


    lol@Aunt Viv….so true.

  • Tracey

    Brown leather jacket, with brown boots and a brown belt is a little too much as the bblack outfit makes it stand out too much.

  • Raquel26


    I agree. Though, I cant say too much because Mrs. Blige always looks good to me. She has style and doesnt tend to look like the norm.

  • http://bos, toocute

    like Mary,just want her to change that hair for 2009

  • unique


  • Black Beauty

    Love the boots and jacket, go Mary!!


    Toccarra looks cute, looks like she gained a lil weight, it looks good on her, b4 she was to skinny like her face and hips look fuller, a good look. Mary outfit looks nice, lil mama looks like a boy but she has a pretty face, cassie looks blah, ciara something is different about her face, can’t put my hand on it but something in her face is different.

  • Christilicious


  • Maurice

    For once Mary has dressed her age. She looks nice and classy. I’m actually feeling this outfit. Good job Mary, or whoever styled her.

  • Maurice

    Cassie looks fabulous as always. her outfit bangs hard.


    Mary looks great!
    Ciara looks like a model.
    Tocarra looks great as well.

  • reddnwood

    I’ll tell you what HENNY BOSSIP will stay alright with me as long as when you guys post shyt about HALO BERRY & NAOMI “I’M GONNA KNOCK-U-OUT” CAMPBELL, you refer to them as “SWIRL OFFENDERS” too!

  • Aunt Viv

    Love the shoes Ciara!!! I want them!

  • deafjam04

    Mary always looks great!


    Oh yeah her skin is fab and she is pretty but I do not and will never understand why people especially women will wear allllll black. Like black leggings, shoes, shirt, like damn. u look ..dead. like no life..Didn’t Tyra have on allllllllllllllblack the other day?????????


    If Cassie cut her hair and gained anymore weight she would look like the lost little Phillipino boy she was destined to be.


    but man I really want those blonde streaks Mary and Ciara have /……….arggggggggggggggh

  • Don't mind me


  • PhillyGrownYoungWoman

    aunt mary…

  • amy

    Cassie looks pretty
    Mary looks okay
    Ciara looks like she smokes 2 cartons of cigarettes a day.

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