You Can’t Be Serious: White Man Enlists Help Killing Wife From Black Co-Worker “You’re Black, I Know Y’all Know People”

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This ignorant fool deserves to be in jail for this isht! Stephen Perry of Carmel Indiana is currently locked up awaiting trial after enlisting his black co-worker to kill his estranged wife, which he thought would help resolve serious debt issues the couple faced.

According to JCOnline reports:

Last month, Perry offered a co-worker $15,000 to kill his estranged wife so he could collect the money he thought she owed him and get rid of his former lover for good, police records say.

Perry, 27, faces charges of conspiracy to commit murder while he sits in Hamilton County Jail.

In mid-November, while working at a Valvoline Instant Oil Change in Carmel, Perry asked a co-worker whether he knew someone who could kill another person, according to a probable cause affidavit. Perry went to the co-worker, Adrian Howard, because Howard is black, the affidavit says. “You’re black,” Howard later recalled Perry saying, according to the affidavit. “I know ya’ll know people.”

Howard initially thought Perry was joking, the affidavit says, but started to believe him after Perry said he wanted his estranged wife dead to settle their divorce and gain some money.

On Dec. 8, Howard recorded two conversations with Perry on a cellphone while they were alone at work. During the conversations, Perry offered Howard $15,000, and a machine to print counterfeit money, to kill — or have another black person kill — his estranged wife, the affidavit says.

“I just want this to be over and done with,” Perry said, according to a five-minute recording described in the affidavit. “So if she dies, I can drop the divorce lawsuit, she’s dead and I’m free.”

Howard replied, “That ain’t what you want, man.”

Perry, the affidavit says, then said he wanted the woman “done.”

Perry handed Howard a paper with his estranged wife’s name and address, the affidavit says, and said she was living with her grandparents. Perry allegedly told Howard: “Do you want me to draw you a map of the house, how it’s laid out so you don’t kill her grandparents, just take care of her?”

Howard then took the paper and said he would call some people. Perry, according to the recording, asked that Howard keep the killer’s identity secret.

“I don’t want to know who, all right?” Perry allegedly said. “And if they can make it look like an accident. I mean we live in Carmel. So, you know. Black people in Carmel?”

Later that month, Howard searched online for the name of Perry’s estranged wife, Allison Mayer. Mayer is the owner of a photography shop in Carmel.

Howard then texted Mayer and said it was “very important that she contact him,” the affidavit says. The two met at a Starbucks, and Howard played two recordings between him and Perry. Mayer took the recordings to Carmel police.

She told a detective that she and Perry had been married since December 2009 but that he had moved out in March 2012 and filed for divorce in Marion County about two months later.

Several hearings on their divorce had been delayed, causing the divorce process to stretch for more than half a year.

Mayer told the detective she and Perry were $200,000 in debt and that $170,000 of it came from her living expenses and college tuition. The rest, she said, came from credit cards and a civil judgment involving an apartment where they had lived.

Perry, Mayer told police, believed she owed him $15,000 and told people she had stolen it from him.

This woman would probably be dead if not for that black co-worker — cuz from the sound of it Perry would have kept looking until he found a “black person” who would have carried out the job. SMH!

Sad to see there are folks out there who think having a murder committed is as simple as just asking a black person to “hook it up.”

Photo Credit: Hamilton County Police

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