Say Word? Toni “Preacher’s Kid” Braxton Says She Regrets Not Embracing Her “Inner Slore” Like Her Sisters!

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Damn Toni…

Toni Braxton Reveals She Regrets Not Being A Slore When She Was Younger

Toni Braxton sat down with HuffPost Live to discuss her career, her youth, and her children. During the convo the legendary chanteuse let loose some interesting revelations. Peep what she had to say below

Toni: “Being the oldest I have to pretend like, ‘C’mon girls’, but I can be as bad as my sisters sometimes, I just don’t air my laundry as they do.

HuffPost: Being older you have had so much responsibility and that’s a blessing and a curse.

Toni: “Absolutely, because you have to be the example whether you want to or not, and I HATE that sometimes.

HuffPost: Do you feel that that pressure, perhaps over the years, might have contributed to some of the stresses in your life?

Toni: “Possibly, because I should have been having more fun in my career. I should have just relished in some of the moments as opposed to being ‘Well, I have to be an artist.’ I should have been a young lady and had fun and hung out a lil’ more and partied a lil’ more and got more comfortable with my inner $!ut like everybody else.”

“Inner $lut”? Tell us more…

“Just my sexuality, because I’m a preacher’s kid so it was always ‘Don’t talk about that, don’t do this, I was just guarded that’s what I’m saying.”

Not for nothing, based on that VIBE magazine cover from back-in-the-day where Toni appeared bucket-nekkid, we never would have guessed that she needed help in revealing her repressed hoe-tendencies.

We’re sure there are some men that wouldn’t mind lending Toni a helping hand with her problem.

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