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White Businessman Demands End Of Black History Month

Georgia Businessman Jim Thompson claims America has already done enough for Black people and those who historically have been downtrodden. Including Black History Month

Via Chillico The Gazette reports:

Black History Month is observed in the U.S., Canada and Great Britain. When it comes to Black History Month, I look forward to the day that we don’t have or need a Black History Month — not for a lack of respect for African-Americans, but because, as a whole, we have decided equality has been achieved. However, at the same time that I look forward to this, I also am pessimistic this will happen, at least in my lifetime. Read on.

I was born out-of-wedlock to two deeply religious people, one of which was married and had four children. My father divorced and married my mother. Yet, for decades to come, they beared the guilt and shame of their actions (would that people did just a little of this today in similar circumstances). Their way of dealing with this was to spoil me. As many of us know, we who have been spoiled often do not realize it. It took me decades to understand how destructive this was to me.

Likewise, as a country as a whole, a country founded on equal opportunity for all, slavery was a contradiction and a stain on our national psyche. The Civil War merely, barely started to solve the problem. The next 100 years were more a hindrance to equality than a step forward. Only in the lifetime of the living today have we made near final steps in solving these problems.

However, as a country, we still have the shame and guilt of our forbearers’ actions. We have overcompensated. We have spoiled those for whom we feel guilty for having wronged. Like me at one time, they don’t realize they are spoiled and how limiting that is to their self-worth and potential. And when an old white guy like me points this out, I am called a racist (note: Bill Cosby preaches almost the same message).

So, welcome to Black History Month. I challenge you to find the equivalent to our Black History Month anywhere other than the countries I previously named; indeed I challenge you to find any country that has done as much for past downtrodden minorities as we have in the United States. We, the U.S., have nothing to be ashamed of in the current world. It is time we quit trying to assuage our own national guilt by spoiling others, an action that is selfishly serving only the spoilers and is a disservice to the spoiled.

Further, when I place Black History Month in the context of my own experience of being spoiled as shared above, I would suggest it has become a bit of a sly white racist joke. Yes, if you search its history, it was started in the 1920s as Black History Week to instill a sense of pride in African-Americans.

Those days are long past — African-American examples of great achievement are all around us today. Now it is like other things here in the South that sound caring but are not. The greatest example of this is, “Bless his heart …” It is used like this, “Bless his heart, he had a car wreck.” The correct interpretation of this is, “He is such an idiot, he probably had trouble riding a tricycle.” Likewise, if you are forced to receive special attention, there is an implication of weakness, a weakness I have not found to be true with African-Americans.

When the day comes that African-Americans demands the elimination of Black History Month because they recognize it is not done for them but for the spoilers, we will know true equality has been achieved. Colorblindness is true racial equality.




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