Parents And School Administration Officials Are PISSED That Ignorant Azz Gucci Mane Was Allowed To Speak To Their Children!

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We thought something like this might happen…

Parents And School Offcials Upset That Gucci Mane Was Invited To Speak To Children

Gucci Mane and school children just don’t mix…


Parents and Atlanta Public Schools alumni are upset over one city school’s decision to bring in a controversial rapper to speak at career day this week.

Channel 2’s Amy Napier Viteri spoke to Crawford Long Middle School parents who believe rapper Gucci Mane shouldn’t have been talking to kids.

Gucci Mane, whose real name is Radric Davis, is known for hit songs with catchy beats, but some critics said he’s just as known for his criminal record in metro Atlanta. They question whether he was the best choice to be talking to middle schoolers about careers. Pictures on the rapper’s Facebook page show him talking to students Wednesday.

Leisle Moody, an APS graduate, said she was stunned to hear Gucci Mane was talking to kids, given his graphic lyrics and arrest record.

“How do you justify bringing someone who is not even at the top of his game in the rap industry, who has a rap sheet because he’s been in so much legal trouble?” she told Viteri.

Said another concerned parent:

“I don’t think he was such a good role model. They could have selected another individual,” parent Kevin Hall said.

An Atlanta Public School official had this to say about Mr. Mane and those that may try to follow in his footsteps:

“We want to make sure people who serve as role models to our students are in line with our ethical and integrity standards.”

Translation: “We ain’t got time for that!”

Not for nothin’, but Gucci has a legitimately positive message to relay to tell those young impressionable minds…DON’T EVER BE LIKE ME!

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    Lol she’s mad that he wasn’t at the top of his rap game??

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