Question Of The Day: Do Women Curse More Than Men?

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Wayne Nicki

WTF type of bulls#!t-a$$ question is that?!?!

Girls At A Catholic High School Asked To Sign A “No Cursing” Pledge

Via NYDailyNews

A Catholic high school is under fire for ordering its girls to sign up to a “no-cursing” pledge – but not requesting the same of its male students.

Queen of Peace High School, in North Arlington New Jersey, has been accused of sexism and having double-standards for the rule that was introduced by administrators last week.

Student Dana Cotter, 16, said that although she believed the idea behind the pledge was sound, she criticized it for not involving all students.

But the move has been defended by its Principal Larry Lavallee, who said girls at the institution had “the worst language.”

Lori Flynn, the teacher who organized the pledge, also said school officials just wanted “ladies to act like ladies.”

She added that, although boys were not specifically asked to participate, they were asked to tone down their cursing when female students were around, reports NBC10 Philadelphia.

It was hoped that the improved behavior of the girls would have a positive influence on the boys, she said.

Do you think this was a good idea or is the school just further perpetuating a double-standard of behavior??

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    Women are making a concerted effort to keep up with men. If I wanted to be a man, I’d be one.
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  • Jay

    I’m 16, black and female and I don’t curse because I think it’s completely idiotic when there’s thousands of words in the English language and better, smarter ways to express your emotions. Though I like the idea of the pledge and wish they had one in most places because I’m tired of hearing like 10 year olds and up cuss like sailors because of the messed up world we live in, it is a HUGE double standard. But the part where the boys were asked to tone down their language around girls is kind of nice, only a few times have I heard a man refuse to curse around kids and women (and most of those times were on TV). Now most of today’s smart and mature “gentlemen” say whatever they want around women, and even around their own kids. By the way, isn’t that a double standard too? Parents who cuss around their kids but don’t want their kids to curse? It’s the same thing with parents who smoke and do other bad habits that they don’t want their kids to copy. I may not have a perfect family, but I’m glad my parents didn’t do any of that mess.

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