Father Knows Best: Will Smith Explains Why Willow Lost “Annie” Role In Favor Of Oscar Nominated “Beasts Of The Southern Wild” Star

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Exclusive... Willow Smith "Hates Everyone"

Willow says she want to focus on being a “normal” 12-year-old…

Willow Smith Drops Out Of Annie

We recently reported Willow Smith had outgrown the role of “Annie” to “Hunger Games” actress Amandla Stenberg or the Oscar nominated Quvenzhané Wallis.

Well, according to Will, that wasn’t exactly the real story. Willow wasn’t really interested in playing the part anymore because she wanted to focus on being a normal 12-year-old.

Via NecoleBitchie reports:

In the past 18 months, I have spent a lot of time focusing on the emotional aspect of my life and my family. In 2010, in one year, our family had the ‘Karate Kid.’ we had ‘Whip my Hair,’ we had Hawthorne, and at the end of the year, we did the Nobel Concert when Barack Obama won his Nobel Peace Prize. Don’t be clapping yet, that wears you out. The thing that had become very clear to me is the danger of a material world and focusing so hard on coming up with money or a house or a job. You focus so hard on those things, and sometimes you can lose focus on why you are doing it in the first place. The only reason to do any of that is to have love.

Willow was supposed to be doing ‘Annie,’ we got Jay-Z to do the movie, got the studio to come in and Willow had such a difficult time on tour with ‘Whip my Hair’ and she said, ‘You know Daddy, I don’t think so’ and I said, ‘Baby, hold up! I said no,no,no, listen, you’ll be in New York with all of your friends and Beyoncé will be there. You will be singing and dancing,’ and she looked at me and said, ‘Daddy, I have a better idea, how about I just be 12.’

I’m really learning through Willow the necessity that we have to snap ourselves back and refocus on the emotional needs of the people that we love. Someone’s emotional needs can be very very different from your dreams and what you think they should be doing and where they are supposed to be.

Do you think Willow made the right decision?

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  • Leah

    They are ruining this girl! She’s gonna be so screwed up when she gets a little older….And can you say nepotism? They have enough money and power in Hollywood! Hollywood wouldn’t even look at Willow if she wasn’t Will Smith’s child! Let another child get this great opportunity! Next…

  • kimmyk

    @Leah you read this all wrong. What will is saying there not the type of parents to push there kids or make them do something they dont wanna do… He’s letting willow be a normal 12year old it seem like to me your mad cause some hollywood kids get father then a basic child honey thats life. Nobody can change that. & im so tired of ppl trying to tell other folks how to rasie there kids. Them there kids not yours at the end of the day if they dont come out right will gotta deal with that not you.

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