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Last night’s episode sparked BIG controversy when Jen The Pen got into it with Raqi Thunda

During a heated argument with “Hip-Hop Confidant” Raqi Thunda over working together on radio where the raucous Puerto Rican quipped “Have fun trying to get hot.” , Jen The Pen dropped the race-bomb heard ’round the world (Or at least the “urban” world), “I’m White honey, it will get done.”.

Boom goes the dynamite.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and the rest of the double-clickin’ blogosphere went ape isht with threats, insults and hostile slander aimed sharply at the blonde Becky’s spray-tanned frame.

Not all of the chit-chatter from the online peanut gallery was inflamed however. There were several comments that we read where folks felt that Jen just said out loud (and on camera) what most of us already knew, that as white girl in the black male dominated hip-hop community, there will always be someone (see, black man) that will be willing to hire Jen for her talents…and whiteness.

In fact, when the two ladies met to intially discuss working together Raqi herself told Jen, “I just need a white girl who can talk s**t and not give f**k.”

Well, it looks like that is exactly what she got.

Nevertheless, Jen really didn’t need to go there with her. Clearly she wasn’t diggin’ Raqi’s radio steez and their “meeting” wasn’t very productive in resolving their issues. Catty beyotches will be catty beyotches, but bringing up the issue of your race while sitting in the back of a limo while screaming at a latina woman with the window rolled down doesn’t really play well on TV.

You made that bed, time to take a lil nap and rest your head.

What do you think about Jen’s comments? Were you insulted, or do you understand where she’s coming from?

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