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Kansas Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Scripper Unemployment Benefits

If you live in Kansas and wonder exactly how your tax dollars are being spent, wonder no more. The Kansas Supreme Court has ruled in favor of unemployment benefits for scrippers….so even if you don’t make it rain in person, you’re still contributing.

via Business Insider

Strippers in Kansas are legitimate employees and not just independent contractors of the clubs where they work, the Kansas Supreme Court has ruled.
The final decision in Milano’s v. Kansas Department of Labor Contributions Unit capped off a seven-year legal battle over whether strippers should be considered actual employees at Club Orleans, a gentleman’s club in Topeka, Kan., The Wichita Eagle reported Monday.

The state’s Labor Department argued that the semi-nude dancers were employees because they were a key part of the club’s financial success.

Friday’s decision means dancers are eligible for state unemployment benefits, and the club has to chip in to a state fund that pays for the benefits, according to the Star.

Uncle Sam says he’s willing to pay for the pole….

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