Hate Crimes: Frank Ocean Says He Was Called A F@**ot Several Times Before Chris Brown Threatened To Shoot Him!

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Chris Frank

Christopher, Christopher, Christopher…

Frank Ocean Says Chris Brown Called Him A F@**ot And Threatened To Shoot Him

According to TMZ reports:

Frank Ocean told police he was called a “f**got” during his brawl with Chris Brown … moments before Brown threatened to shoot him — this according to the official incident report obtained by TMZ.

According to the report, Ocean told police, Brown had punched him in the face after Ocean told Brown he had taken Ocean’s parking space at the recording studio where the fight took place last week.

Ocean told police Brown tried to shake his hand, but Ocean refused, telling Brown he was in his parking spot. Ocean claimed that’s when Brown punched him in the face. According to the report, Ocean said two of Brown’s goons then jumped in to help Brown … pushed him into a corner and attempted to kick him.

Ocean — who revealed last year that he’d once had a romantic relationship with a man — also said he believes he heard someone yell “f**got!” but he’s unsure who made the statement.

Cops also say Ocean told them that Brown threatened to shoot him, saying, “We can bust on you too!” Ocean told police the whole fight lasted about two or three minutes.

According to the report, Ocean suffered a cut to his right index finger and a cut on his left temple. He refused medical treatment on the scene but was later taken to a hospital.

This might be the rainbow colored straw that broke the gay camel’s back. If Chris Brown is charged with a hate crime, there is a good chance that he is going down for the count.

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  • Southanswagg

    I swear I cant stand people that like try play the victim

  • Team nymphis

    When they said “we can bust on you too” frank thought they wanted to fck

  • Team nymphis

    When they said “we can bust on you too” frank said ok but not in my hair

  • Blessed

    Frank is really annoying me and I wasn’t at the scene.

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