For Discussion: Rapper Trina Says “You Can’t ‘Steal’ A Man If He Already Wants To Leave….B**ches Are Delusional!” Do You Agree?

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Rapper Trina Says ‘Other’ Women Can Steal Men If They Already Want To Leave

Earlier this week during the latest episode of the “Tiny Tonight” talk show on VH1, rapper Trina openly opposed the idea that homewreckin’ thirst buckets can ‘steal’ a man away from the woman that he is committed to without there already being problems present in the relationship.

The topic came up when all four ladies on the show began discussing their favorite celebrity couples and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s names were mentioned. During the discussion, Tiny said that she felt Angelina stole Brad from his then-wife Jennifer Aniston and Tamar co-signed….but Trina stepped in to pump the breaks.

She took to her Twitter shortly after the show aired to reiterate her thoughts on it all:


So, let’s get it into ladies (and gents can weigh in too).  Do you agree with Trina that groupie women alone are not enough to make a man stray if he’s not already willing?

Or do you feel that women who openly lust after “committed” men are just as much to blame for the relationship downfall as the problems that already existed before hand?

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  • taurusrebel

    I agree with Trina.

  • jami

    I agree with trina. It’s the truth.

  • Yolo

    Totally agree…..

  • mark1

    Damn, this has been rapper is giving advice. All relationships have problem; if someone is in a relationship just leave them alone. With that said, you can’t steal a man.

  • All She Wrote

    I agree with Trina…you can’t steal a man that doesn’t already want to go…No one can make anyone, especially a man, do anything they don’t want to do. Men do want they want, as do women.

  • lisabee

    True story…. but no one wants to hear the truth!!!!!
    Say it agin Miss Trina!

  • lisabee

    True story…. but no one wants to hear the truth!!!!!
    Say it again Miss Trina!

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