Grimey Gyno: Woman’s Doctor Under Fire For Posting “Confidential Patient Information” On Facebook

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Gynecologist Under Fire For Venting About Patient On Facebook

A Missouri doctor who took to his Facebook page to air out frustrations over a consistently late patient is facing outrage after her post went viral.

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A St. Louis OB-GYN is sparking controversy after she posted negative comments about one of her patients on Facebook, according to various reports.
According to, a popular website for moms-to-be, Dr. Amy Dunbar of Mercy Medical Center posted the following on Facebook:


“So I have a patient who has chosen to either no-show or be late (sometimes hours) for all of her prenatal visits, ultrasounds, and NSTs. She is now three hours late for her induction. May I show up late for her delivery?”

Critics around the blogosphere are saying Dunbar violated the patient’s privacy – even though she never mentions the patient by name.

While this doctor definitely should have known better than post anything at all about a patient on a public social network page and especially not anything about the birth of a child, no names were mentioned so we doubt there will be any legal consequences.

Would you want legal action taken if you found out that one of your doctors was venting on Facebook?

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  • FemmeFatale

    Well, I’d like to answer that question but im not sure it will show up. What’s going on with this site???

  • nina b.

    Well its not like he said “hey I have a pregnant lady who has an std”…he just said she’s late…lighten up people…and stop trying to sue for every damn thing

  • Drea

    People need to chill out ! He didnt say her name , age or race. So she could be any bigbelly walking down the street.

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