Love The Way You Lie: RihRih Stands By Her Man Breezy In Court

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Chris Brown Shows Up to Court With Rihanna

Is she a ride-or-die chick, or a sucker for love? Rihanna showed her support for Chris Brown yet again, as the singer faces concerns from the L.A. district attorney that he may have falsified his community service records.

Via Page Six reports:

Rihanna is standing by the man who savagely beat her.

The pretty songstress strolled into a Los Angeles courthouse today with boyfriend Chris Brown, who is accused of falsifying records of his community labor.

Rihanna arrived at the downtown courthouse by Brown’s side, and then blew him a kiss before he entered the courtroom first.

She sat by Brown’s mom, Joyce Hawkins, in the courtroom gallery during this afternoon’s brief hearing.

A judge didn’t immediately rule on prosecution claims that Brown faked his court-ordered community labor.

Brown and Rihanna left the courthouse together, surrounded by their entourage.

The rage-filled singer, who became infamous after beating up Rihanna in 2009, was sentenced to 180 days — or 1,440 hours — after pleading guilty to felony assault.

He did 581 hours in Los Angeles, but was then allowed to do the rest of his time in his native Virginia.

Brown claimed to have finished his sentence back home, but LA prosecutors said there’s no proof he did the work.

“There’s no credible, competent or verifiable evidence that . . . Brown performed his community labor as represented to the court,” according to LA Deputy DA Mary Murray.

The DA wants all of Brown’s Virginia hours thrown out and for him to be sent back to work in LA.

On several days Brown allegedly worked in Virginia, he was out of of the state, prosecutors said.

Judge James Brandlin said he wanted more time to review the DA’s claims.

He ordered Brown to meet with a LA County probation officer within the next 48 hours and detail the work the singer claims to have done in Virginia.

Sounds like RihRih put on quite a show. We hope that Breezy appreciates her sticking by him — but something about this couple’s strange dynamic has us wondering if there is still some manipulation going on behind the scenes. Do you think Rihanna could be showing so much support because she feels responsible for Chris getting in trouble in the first place? Hmmmmm…

We want to hear your thoughts.

Hit the flip for more photos of the couple from the courtroom and leaving Breezy’s crib.


Chris Borwn, Mark Geragos

Here’s Chris in court with his lawyer Mark Geragos


Chris Brown Shows Up to Court With Rihanna

Chris and Rihanna arriving at court with his mom Joyce Hawkins


Chris Brown Shows Up to Court With Rihanna

Rihanna arriving at court


Chris Brown is in a good mood after Court Hearing

The couple shared some laughs as they left the hearing in the back of their ride.

GSI Media

Chris Brown is in a good mood after Court Hearing


Rihanna leaves Chris Brown's House after a Late Night Together

Mama Joyce leaving Breezy’s to head to court

GSI Media

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    Rihanna leaves Chris Brown's House after a Late Night Together

    Breezy leaving the crib to head to his court hearing

    GSI Media

    Rihanna leaves Chris Brown's House after a Late Night Together

    Rihanna and her bestie Melyssa Forde leaving Breezy’s crib (after sleeping over the night before) for court.


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    • Mz730

      I think that the media and the public is killing this man slowly and brutally. Let God judge him and let him and Rihanna live. If it’s meant to be it will be.

    • big momma

      Do rihanna n mama j know thier enabling this boy thats y he will nvr change how u gne go n support a man at court for voilating his probation for beating u up

    • Kes

      Leave this boy alone, he has suffered enough God alone is qualified to judge.

    • Mrs. Luciano

      The justice system is way too lenient on celebrities. Mr. Brown should have been forced to get some type of anger management. There has been way too many recent incidents that shows he has an issue with controlling his temper. Being violent should never be excused just because you’re a Celebrity.

    • ms_shawty

      If Rihanna wants support chris let her then.Chris needs to take some time off and get his life together or he’s going to lose it

    • FemmeFatale

      Mz730, I agree with you 100%!! And I also think that Rihanna’s feelings for Chris are a mix of love, obsession, and guilt for the part she played in this whole mess that is slowly destroying Chris.

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