Twitter Files: How Has Keyshia Cole Recovered From Her Twitter Beat-Down On Sunday?

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Keyshia Cole’s Twitter Reactions After Super Bowl

Keyshia Cole had a rough Sunday after Twitter went absolutely ape doo doo over her throwing shade at Michelle from Destiny’s Child. Keyshia tried to handle it like a pro but she’s been dropping hints that she’s still a little flustered by the Twitter beat down.

Take a look at all of her latest passive aggressive tweets about how she’s ignoring haters and making money. What do you think? Think she’s over it or trying to get herself together?

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    • SIT DOWN

      Keisha shouldn’t have ever opened her mouth. She making herself look stupid!! They are clearly clowning her in their most recent pictures. Lol!!

    • annabellA

      Keyshia cole just a natural born hater!! Mad because she wasnt on stage michelle beyonce and kelly did great

    • Anyways

      Remember when Keyshia’s husband was hating on Lebron?? This is just a family of haters. Michelle has been gracious & mature in responding positively. When you’re REALLY making money, you don’t have time for bs.

    • FemmeFatale

      She is long overdue for a reality check! Keyshia is full of herself and needs to be knocked down a few pegs. Maybe SHE’S the real reason her and her family do not get along. Never really been a fan; but her recent antics has solidified my stance as a Keyshia Cole hater!

    • Blessed

      Who is she trying to convince. Very immature woman. This would explain jeezy statement about there relationship.

    • Real ish

      What even worse than Keyshia Cole still talkinf that you no life having haters still discussing the incident

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