Shots Fired: Wendy Williams Goes In On NJ Gov. Chris Christie For His Chubby Lumpkins Lifestyle – “How Fat Will He Be In 2016?”

- By Bossip Staff

Wendy Williams says Governor Christie is too fat to be President…

Wendy Williams Says Governor Chris Christie Is Too Fat To Be President

Talk show host and on air motor mouth Wedny Williams is joining the growing list of people who say Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie needs to lay off the fast food and lose some weight if he plans to run for President in 2016.

Wendy, who is a New Jersey native, addressed the Governor’s bulging belly on her show this morning and made it clear that if he ever wants to be taken seriously as a Presidential candidate, he needs to stop joking about his weight and drop the pounds.

She told the Wendy Williams studio audience:

“He’s not just fat, he’s morbidly obese! If he looks like that now, how fat is he gonna be in 2016?”

Would a President’s weight or lack of a healthy lifestyle influence your decision as a voter?

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