Jesus Take The Wheel: “Bullied” NJ Woman Jumps To Her Death From The GW Bridge After Leaving A List Of Girls Banned From Her Funeral

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22-Year-Old Woman Commits Suicide From The George Washington Bridge

A NJ family and community is left grieving this morning after a host of witnesses who happened to be passing by watched as a 22-year-old fashion student committed suicide by leaping to her death from the George Washington Bridge on the afternoon of her birthday.

via NY Post

A beautiful young fashionista jumped to her death from the George Washington Bridge last night — leaving behind a Louis Vuitton bag containing a “suicide diary” that included a list of five girls she did not want to attend her funeral, sources said.

Ashley A. Riggitano, 22, placed her handbag on a walkway at around 4:40 p.m. before leaping from a point midway in the Jersey-bound lanes of the upper level, authorities said.

Several witnesses, including riders on a jitney bus, watched in horror as she plunged into the Hudson River.

Her body was pulled out by the harbor patrol shortly after she jumped.

In the designer bag were pages of handwritten notes that described Riggitano’s torment and that singled out the five people.

“All my other ‘friends’ are in it for gossip,” she wrote. “Never there.”

According to the notes, it appears Riggitano was bullied by her fashion friends.

She also directed her rage at a man who she said hadn’t treated her well. That person was invited to the funeral, but Ashley wrote she hopes he “gets what he deserves” when he gets there.

The stunning young woman — who killed herself on her 22nd birthday — worked as an intern for the New York-based jewelry and fashion designer Alex Woo.

It was also reported that this was not the girls’ first suicide attempt. What a tragic ending for this young girl and her family who is left behind to figure it all out.

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  • Pink lady

    I feel bad for the family of this young lady she could have had a friend in me even though we never met . I know just how she felt I have not one friend I have tried to do what she did every since I was six years old .. God bless her. There are no bully’s in Heaven .

  • Lovingme

    @Pink lady, God bless you. If you would like to send me your email, I would like to be a pen pal. You are a wonderful human being. Please know that God has a purpose for your life. Live it. Sending you prayers and a hug.

  • Veney

    I feel her pain when everyone dont seem to care about you. and then that moment when you cant take the loneliness and the emptynes in the heart. i feel terribly sorry for her giving up on herself that soon in age. may god have mercy on her soul and may she Rest in Peace .. she memory

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