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SMH at some lady calling this man a “black c**t” while he was on a bus with his child…


ABC News host Jeremy Fernandez has told of how he restrained himself from punching a woman and blocked his child’s ears during a racist attack on a Sydney bus. Fernandez took to Twitter today to explain how the shocking situation unfolded for 15 minutes when he kept his seat after being subjected to the “racist taunts”.

He tweeted how a nearby female bus passenger called him a “black c**t” and told him to “go back to my country”. After he decided to keep his seat, he then suffered 15 minutes of racial abuse from the woman. “Anyone who says racism is dying is well and truly mistaken,” he tweeted.

He then said the bus driver blamed him for “not moving” from his seat. He recalled the worst part about the situation was that his two-year-old daughter and the woman’s “primary school aged kids” heard every word of the racist attack. The incident has sparked a wave of shock and disgust across social media today, as journalists and Fernandez’s followers expressed their support for him. Fernandez said at one point during the tirade, the driver told him to move to the front of the bus.

He described the decision not to move from his seat as his own “Rosa Parks moment”. “I thought I could move and then I had a flashback to a very famous case of a woman on a bus in the US, a black woman, who was told to give up her seat,” Fernandez told ABC radio. “And I thought no, I’m having my own Rosa Parks moment, I’m not moving from this seat because it has turned into a racial issue. “I said I’m not going anywhere, I’ve just been called a black c-word, I am not going anywhere, I’ve not done anything wrong, I have a right to sit here, I’m going to stay here.”

Fernandez said he felt he had to “hold his nerve” for the sake of his daughter. “All I could think at the time was just hold your nerve, my little girl is with me, she needs to see a strong father right now,” he said. He said he restrained himself from punching the woman in the face because he knew that “would not be the smart, nor the right thing to do”. He told the ABC he realised he had to “just sit here and cop it”. He said he had his arm cradled around his daughter during the incident to block her ears from the abuse, he said.

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