Slorebag Diaries: Superhead Forgives Weezy For Saying He Got Better ‘Sloppy Toppy’ Elsewhere And Claims New Song Is About Her

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Superhead wants to teach the world how to make love to a martian…

Superhead Claims New Wayne Song Is About Her

A month ago, undisputed peen burpin’ champion of the world went on an epic Twitter rant after hearing a lyric in Wayne’s new song “Kush And Alcohol” where he raps:

“No makeup she a 10 and she the best with the head, even better then Karrine.”

Well, it looks like all is forgiven now. Wayne’s verse on Joe Budden’s new jawn,’She Don’t Put it Down’ seemed to calm her diseased cakes…



This is Wayne’s verse supposedly about Superhead:

I can see the stars in the day time / B***h, I miss you like a deadline /And the girl I’m with is just the girl I’m with/I mean it’s working out, so we’re staying fit/ But you know love is nothing, ask Stan Smith / But I gotta keep a bad bitch like Brad Pitt / Remember our first kiss? Or our last kiss?/I used to go dummy in that pu**y, crash test/You be f**king that ni**a like you was f**king me?/Ha, f**k that ni**a, he can’t f**k with me/I’m Tunechi b**ch and you know that, and that pu**y throw back/But given night, I’d still pop that azz like a Prozac/Girl you know you got that murder, a beast in that La Perla/And every time we cut, I used to shred her; Ninja Turtles/And I know you still love me and I know ya still for me/That’s why we still fu**ing, cause she don’t put it down like you

Do you think Wayne is still hypnotized by Karrine’s trash box?


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