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Frank Ocean Moving To Shanghai For 2 Years After Grammy’s

Via Rolling Out

If you looked in the dictionary for the definition of an enigmatic recluse, then by all rights you should find Frank Ocean’s picture. The music world’s golden child has seen his name and work listed in every major publication and obscure blog ever since he released his critically acclaimed debut album, Channel Orange, and revealed his same-sex attraction over the summer. But, if Ocean had it his way, he’d live in solitude in the depths of a body of water that bears his name. But, since that’s not ever going to happen, the singer is apparently doing the next best thing: getting on a plane and moving across the globe.

In a new cover story for The New York Times, Ocean talks (with minimum detail) about his rise to fame and how it feels to be an anti-pop star in an era when privacy is almost non-existent. And though Ocean has spoken in the past about wanting to move to Canada or London to flee the limelight, he’s now revealed to the publication that he’s going across the world to find solitude.

He tells The New York Times that he plans on traveling to Shanghai, China, after Sunday night’s Grammys to write “in remote locations for the next two years.” Ocean also plans to write a book during that time as well. “You can say that. It’s fiction, and it’s about brothers. That’s all I’m going to say,” he revealed.

These artists are gettin’ more weird by the day. Do what ya gotta do Frank, but don’t expect us to be waitin’ around for your great return.

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