Tough Crowd: RihRih Called A “A Big Fat Zero As A Role Model For Girls” For Standing By Chris Breezy In Court

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Do you think Rihanna is a role model?

Rihanna Called Out For Standing By Chris Brown

Daily Beast editor Tina Brown ripped into Rihanna on Twitter yesterday, calling the singer a “big fat zero” for standing by Chris Brown in court.

Via Gawker reports:

The editor-in-chief of The Daily Beast slammed RiRi via Twitter for the stand-by-your-assailant moment, calling the pop diva”a big fat zero as a role model for girls.”

The “Diamonds” singer, 24, sat front row in court on Wednesday next to Brown’s mom as the judge decided whether her not her on-again boyfriend completed the community service he was sentenced to after brutally assaulting her on the eve of the Grammy Awards in 2009.

Prosecutors have asked that Brown repeat the 180 days, even though he claimed he fulfilled the full sentence.

Rihanna has said herself that she doesn’t consider herself a role model but does that mean girls still don’t look up to her? Discuss…



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  • Love

    Really?? Was posting that pic even necessary?? Who ever wrote this article should be ashamed, I mean come on!! And to this Tina character, you might write but you don’t read. Everyone knows that Rihanna is not a role model. Rihanna makes that clear in near now every interview. She even said it in that Oprah special. So Tina!! You get a big fat F+ for being a writer, someone involved in the press!! And for not reading before speaking.

  • Mz730

    I agree with @Love. Why tear her down for what she’s doing its not going to change how she’s feeling about it. Let Rihanna live.

  • Shon

    She has tO live for herself and do what makes her happy. If she chooses to risk her career for love then again that is her choice and her life.

  • Shon

    She has to live for herself and do what makes her happy. If she chooses to risk her career for love then again that is her choice and her life. Regardless she won’t make everyone happy!!!!

  • Kes

    Really parents needs to be there kids role models and Jesus even better. She is young give her a break

  • Ant

    Has nothing to do with being a role model . She’s an idiot if she really considers this being a rider . Her own reasoning for pressing charges was so “he would know what it felt like to lose her” now she’s testifying on his behalf . She is a chooses suzie with . A rider would’ve handled the whole situation differently .

  • poof ma

    Why do love to moving ur noses up n down?..give it a rest…leave and let us live…busybodies goan sleep including tina brown or whatever u r called…

  • shilohlynn38

    I get it, they are public figures and we are at liberty to voice our opinion about their lives, but are they any different from friends or loved ones we know in our everyday life? No, I don’t thinks so! We have all at some point made some terrible decisions but who else other than ourselves have to live with that decision? A lot of the time people in the media and online have lived through this very same situation and someone thought you were stupid for it, but you made it and hopefully learned from it. That’s why it is important to have a good solid foundation from family and even then we still get it wrong. That’s life, I love the both of them and maybe one day they will learn to love themselves and make better choices… even then you will still choose something someone may not agree with and that’s fine too. I serve the one and only perfect person known to man…God! be blessed everyone!

  • Monica

    Rihanna is not a role model to young girls for various reasons. Not just because of Chris brown. Her music can also be a problem. Just saying…… She’s sure not my role model. Lol

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