Race Matters: NYC Nightclub Sued After Bouncer Refused To Allow Group In, Called Women “Classless Black B****es” And Made Birthday Boy Buy $320 Extra Bottle!!!

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Sadly enough, this sounds like a typical night out in NYC when you don’t have connects at the door. A group of young African-American professionals are suing the NYC nightclub 230 Fifth for being racist against them.

Via NYDailyNews:

A trendy Manhattan nightclub charged black customers a whopping $320 more to get in than white patrons — and barred others from getting in at all, according to a stunning lawsuit.

“It was humiliating,” one of the black customers, Julia Cook, told the Daily News of her treatment at 230 Fifth in the Flatiron District.
She said a bouncer told her that she and her friends were “classless black b——” whom he wouldn’t let inside.
“People were laughing at us,” the dance instructor said Thursday.

Now Cook, 29, and three of her fellow partygoers are suing the rooftop club for discrimination because of the alleged incident on Feb. 13, 2010.

“It’s unfathomable in this era to believe this kind of thing is going on,” said their lawyer, Fred Lichtmacher. “This is 1930s-style Alabama treatment.”
The four plaintiffs had planned on hooking up at the hotspot to celebrate the 27th birthday of Jermaine Sanders, who said he had called earlier in the day to reserve a table, and was told it wouldn’t be a problem — if he used the club’s bottle service, where patrons pay hundreds of dollars for a single bottle of booze.

Sanders said he was told one bottle would cover 10 patrons — but when he, his brother and two pals arrived at 11 p.m. to meet a group of four women who were already there, a bouncer told him, “You guys cannot get in.”

Sanders explained his girlfriend was inside and had already bought a $320 bottle of Grey Goose, but the bouncer said, “You didn’t buy it from me,” and shook down Sanders into buying another $320 bottle, the suit says.

When Cook, her sister Niyah and their friend Nyisha Haynes showed up about 30 minutes later to join the party, the bouncer told them, “There was no more room” as he continued letting white patrons stroll inside, the suit alleges.

Sanders came down and tried to explain to the bouncer that they were part of his party, but the bouncer ignored him, the suit says.

When the women complained that the bouncer was only letting white patrons in, he went ballistic, called them names and ordered them to leave.
“I let enough of you up here tonight,” the suit quotes him as saying.

Sanders, who works in guest services at the Barclays Center, left the club a short time later “extremely upset” and out of a lot of money.
The lawsuit seeks unspecified monetary damages for discrimination.

SMH. Damn shame. We hope they get racks on racks for this isht!

Photo Credit: Anthony Delmundo/NYDailyNews

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  • guest

    Which one of these women is a dance instructor? Just asking

  • Lady V

    I am wondering why he would pay any additional money after he already paid when he booked it earlier? He should have left when the bouncer asked for more money!

  • Meagan

    Sounds about right for 230 Fifth…. Oh and almost every club in NYC. Glad someone is speaking up

  • angie

    I would to join this fight. This also happened to me last month.

  • http://google darren callahan

    I can accept the lawsuit of discriminatio 100%. But 2 let them shake U down for another $320 for a bottle of grey goose is stupid on your part. No one can make U spend your oun money. He told you to pay for another bottle, the word from you shouldve been HELL NO. Racism, their fault. Extra $320, your fault 100%.

  • KiKi

    This has been happening at a lot of NYC nite clubs. It’s about time someone makes an explain of the club scenes. Men experience a lot of discrimination when it comes to admission into a nite club. As a man if your not with a female you can’t get into a club or lounge. They try to force people to get bottle service. I’ve seen unfair behavior time after time. Good for them!!!! I hope they get alot of money.

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