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Fox News Journalist Slams Media For Not Addressing Racism In Politics

Fox News journalist and former NPR employee Juan Williams recently took the time to do something we rarely see done on the often one-sided network: speak out against racism in politics.

Williams held nothing back in a recent piece putting the media on blast for overly vilifying black Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas after he recently made a joke to his colleagues in court, while over looking the far more blatantly racist actions of other politicians on a regular basis.

via Fox News

Last week during an oral argument, Justice Thomas appeared to make a joke to his fellow members of the Supreme Court. His words were not completely audible to the people in the court.

When it was noted that the defendant’s counsel went to Yale, Thomas’s alma mater, Justice Thomas apparently said something to this effect: If the defendant’s lawyer was a Yale Law graduate maybe he didn’t have adequate counsel. Ha! Ha!

The idea that black people – liberal or conservative – are not allowed to speak out as independent thinkers is apparently a truth for a lot of liberals and conservatives.
Blacks are supposed to stay in neatly defined political boxes.

However, as the never-ending assault on Justice Thomas’s integrity shows, the deepest vein of intolerance is to be found on the Left for minority conservatives.

Isn’t about time for someone in the mainstream media called out the haters and the race hustlers?

Williams then went on to assert that black people were singled out for voting President Obama into office in overwhelming numbers, while little attention was given to the fact that a large majority of white people also voted against President Obama.

He then shared his own personal struggles with being a black conservative.

The fact is that despite the caricatures of black political thought there is a wide variety of opinion among blacks just as there is among whites, Hispanics and Asians.

Yes, it is true that more than 90 percent of black Americans voted for President Obama. It is also true that close to 60 percent of white voted against President Obama. But that is not reflective of the variety of political views of black or white Americans.

When I ask why civil rights leaders fail to take on gangster rappers who glamorize violence I was labeled as ‘Not-Authentically-Black.’

As one NPR executive put it to me – just before I was fired from NPR – the old guard of white liberals at NPR did not appreciate a black man with conservative social views and some conservative friends.

When will the mainstream media call attention to this type of ‘intolerance’ that is absolutely racist thinking at its worst?

Williams points out what so many people have been questioning throughout much of Obama’s presidency, and before. Racism in politics alive and well…..and the call for attention to this topic is long over due.



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