Does Kelly Clarkson Deserve A Ho Sit Down For Shading Miguel At The Grammy’s?

- By Bossip Staff

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Ignorance, or pure ignorance? After Kelly Clarkson let the world know she had no idea who Miguel was but truly enjoyed his performance, Twitter went crazy with all the ways she was being a big ol’ beyotch with her comment! After all, his song “Adorn” is one of the most played songs of the year and he’s on the same label as her.

Via CBS reports:

While accepting the award on Sunday night for Best Pop Vocal Album for “Stronger,” Clarkson said, “Miguel, I don’t know who the hell you are, but we need to sing together. I mean, good God. That was the sexiest damn thing I’ve ever seen.”

Shortly afterward her Grammy acceptance speech, Clarkson met Miguel for the first time backstage and posted their photo, along with the tweet “Miguel!”:

Clarkson’s acceptance speech caught the attention of fellow music artists, including Pink, who tweeted: “Congrats to Kelly Clarkson for the award and that love able speech. You made me laugh. Can’t wait to hear that song with Miguel. Xo”

Miguel released his sophomore album, “Kaleidoscope Dream,” in September 2012 and not only did it debut at No. 3, but it also secured a spot in New York magazine’s Top 10 album list of 2012, and Spin put it at No. 5 of its 50 best albums of the year. Idolator named it the best set of 2012.

His track, “Adorn,” scored the best R&B song at this year’s Grammys.

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We gotta ask — unintentionally or not — did Kelly Clarkson shade Miguel? Does she need to have a seat?

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  • pmh1978

    Naw it just didnt come out right. A lot of people still dont know who he is. She just needs to be polished

  • gabz

    No shade she gave him props

  • rainbow

    no shade that i see. miguel is a well kept secret to some. i just found out who he is

  • Renee

    I don’t know who he is either. She was giving a compliment. No shade.

  • Music

    There are plenty of great artist out who perform different genre of music from what we’re used to listen to and we don’t know their name. I’ve heard plently of country songs and have been like…Oh Snap! That’s my jam, who sings this?!! And my friend will be like…how do you NOT know who Carrie Underwoood is?!

  • Who that?!

    Well its not like he’s slammed down our throats every 2 songs on the radio like some artists are…Rihanna and Beyonce….so I could see how she isn’t familiar with him

  • KayDee

    I think people who listen to R&B/HipHop music stations definitely know who Miguel is and have heard and can sing the words to Adorn (like I do). I also know who Kelly is and can sing her songs as well. I thought Kelly’s speech was adorable and Kelly gave Miguel a compliment. If you just read the statement it seems harsh, but seeing the actual speech you see it for the compliment it was meant to be. Their genres of music don’t cross, but that would be a great song! I DO think it’s bad that they’re on the same label and have never met, lol!

  • Team nymphis

    I know Kelly by face but couldn’t name one of her songs wit a pistol to my head. Which just shows how yt’s get ten times the pub of other artist.

  • jennifer

    No…I just found out who he is 2 days ago…I rarely listen to the radio so I don’t know if he is in rotation…plus, she may only listen to non-r&b….she could have had more tact though.

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